4 Simple Techniques to Have a Better Supply Chain


As a business manager, or more specifically, a Logistics Manager, the constant challenge that you encounter on a daily basis is how you would improve your supply chain.

Now, you may, or you may not have formulated unique strategies to maximize the output of your logistics team yet, but below are four easy and helpful tips you can try to enhance your supply chain operations. Or, just simply use them for your report and impress your boss in the next meeting.

Vehicle Upgrade

Everything in the world is changing and so as your cargo vehicle. Check out some truck trailers for sale in NZ and persuade your boss to purchase some in order to maximize supply and order shipments. You can emphasize that space is a very important factor in achieving an efficient land transportation delivery system.

Vehicle upgrade can also reduce time and delays that old and rusty company trucks cannot guarantee. It is just simple logic if you will think about it — more space, more shipments, a new vehicle, less time and problems.

Inventory Management Revamp

In order for logistics and supply chain operations to improve collectively, a major revamp of the inventory management is required. Creating a comprehensive flow chart is a great start. This will include determining setbacks in the operations and figuring out where exactly are the bottlenecks coming from.

The only challenge in this procedure is to make your colleagues and employees consistently cooperate. If it’s managing people, different strokes, different folks.

The Drop-Shipping

The last thing you would want for your supply chain to happen is to be drastically paralyzed by delays. A smart and simple solution has emerged in the industry, and it is called Drop-shipping.

It is the process of delivering the goods from the manufacturer or the supplier, and instead of shipping it to your warehouse, it goes straight to the doorstep of your customers. Truly, this is one of the best ways to not only reduce operational costs and time but also, to build a good relationship with the customers.

At the end of the day, your customers will not think back who shipped the item, but the first thing that they will have in mind once the doorbell rang is that it is the item they purchased from your store.

Always Have a Plan B

Supplies inside industrial warehouse

Most businesses tend to lack this simple yet kind of hard to implement, a plan B. Although some business owners don’t really realize it until something terrible comes up and ruin the operations, contingency plans are the aid for all kinds of procedures.

For a good start, perhaps you would like to begin with making an effort to build a strong business relationship with the right logistic service providers or any other business entities that cater to the same service. Always remember, the strength of your operations is determined when the going gets tough, so always have a plan B.

Indeed, you have a plan, a good one. But, always remember that something will always come up and would cause you some troubles. And the worst part is, nobody will spare some time to listen to that because business is business. As early as now, do some research and review your past performances, figure out what’s lacking and devise a set of strategies to improve your supply chain.

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