Worried About Your Tiles? 7 Ways to Make Them Last Longer


When it comes to homeownership, there’s a lot of documentation and other legal formalities that need to be covered, from insurance to applying for a mortgage loan. But homeownership doesn’t stop there. The person still has to maintain the roof shingles, light fixtures, insulation, and more. You get the idea. It’s all part of homeownership.

Just like any other part of a person’s home, floor tiles need some TLC, too. They are not any different. If they are to last an entire lifespan and remain in good condition, they should also be looked after.

Tile flooring is often the option to use for the kitchen and bathroom. Tiles, because of their nature and surface, cleaning up is more convenient. Plus, they do well with frequent exposure to water.


Pros of Tile Flooring

As aforementioned, tile flooring is an ideal material to work with when cleaning up. However, this isn’t the only thing tiles are good for. Tiles, especially ceramic, are resistant to water and moisture. Additionally, the upkeep is low-maintenance. It does need regular cleaning though, just like any other surface at home. Tile flooring also comes in many designs and colors, which can make it easy to find the perfect ones that suit the style of a room.

What Happens When Tiles Aren’t Preserved Well?

Over time, especially with little to no care, your tile floors may crack, chip, and pop. Although these outcomes are mostly caused by external elements and structural concerns, there are other ways tile floors can get damaged. If left alone, dirt and grime can build up and damage the seal on the tiles. This can shorten their lifespan and affect their quality. Lack of cleaning can also leave grout lines dark and stained, which isn’t a pretty sight altogether.

Know the Material 

There are different types of tiles. Other than the most common type which is ceramic, there’s porcelain, marble, cement, resin, and more. It’s crucial to know what kind you have to be able to manage and maintain it better. Although tiles are generally durable, certain types require specific types of cleaning solutions. These include limestone, marble, and granite.

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Clean the Tiles on a Regular Basis

Buying high-quality bathroom products online shouldn’t be the only thing on your checklist. There are cleaning tile floors to take care of too. As mentioned, different tile floors need different cleaning solutions. Avoid using harsh cleaning products such as ammonia, bleach, and the like. These can damage and compromise the quality of the tiles. The tile grout, on the other hand,  is a headache to clean, but an inevitable task nonetheless. Generally, there are three types of grout used for tile floors: cementitious grouts, furan grouts, and epoxy grouts.

Deep Clean Regularly 

Other than the regular cleaning, deep cleaning should be done every few months too. Similar to the weekly cleaning, it’s best to use a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft brush for a thorough clean. Be sure to get to the grout too. Areas in the house that have high foot traffic should be given much attention during the deep cleaning. These normally include the bathroom and the kitchen.

Repair and Regrout When Necessary 

This is probably the oldest rule in the book, but don’t put off repairs. Crumbling grout and cracked tiles should be addressed right away to prevent the problem from spreading and becoming more expensive. As soon as you see early signs of chipping, cracking, and more, take action right away. You can fix this yourself with the right tools or opt to hire a professional for the job. Either way is good ad long as any sign of damage is addressed right away.

Put Up Blinds and Curtains for Windows

Have you noticed how your tile floor has gone lighter over time? Sun exposure is easily one of the main causes of fading in tiles. Install blinds, drapes, or curtains to limit the amount of natural light that comes into contact with your tile floor. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that tickles stop being functional after some fading, this is a tip worth following if you want to preserve the color of your tile floor.

Homeownership is about getting your home insured and paying your mortgage on time. But it’s also about managing and maintaining the exterior and interior of your home, and this includes your tile floors. Although it may seem like a nuanced thing, tile floors are a common choice of flooring for many reasons. They provide both function and aesthetics in any home.

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