A Quick Guide to What Surveyors Do


Did you know yacht surveyors are essential for anyone buying a boat? They check the condition and sea-worthiness of the craft and help buyers understand if they’re making a good purchase or not. In this video, a professional surveyor talks viewers through the process and explains exactly what to look out for.

To view the whole vessel, the boat is taken out of the water and raised on plinths. This allows the surveyor to view the bottom of the hull.

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One of the first things they check for is a high-quality anti-foul layer. This is a coating that deters sea creatures and discourages the growth of moss and other aquatic plants. Damaged or worn antifoul needs scraping away and replacing.

Another factor that impacts the value of a boat is osmosis. This presents as blisters that give off a vinegary smell when burst. Too many of these blisters may indicate a major renovation required in the near future.

If a yacht has a bathing platform, a surveyor will want to check the hydraulics and other moving parts, plus the anodes that help protect metal parts from galvanic corrosion. Highly corroded anodes might need replacing to protect the rudder, propellors, and other essential parts. Yacht surveyors play a vital role in the boat purchase process, helping provide peace of mind about these big-ticket purchases.

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