The Top Advantages of Using Tesla Electric Cars for Your Hotel Business

  • Tesla electric cars provide cost savings and environmental benefits for hotels.
  • Investing in Xpel’s PPF wrap can help protect the car’s paint from outdoor elements.
  • Regularly cleaning and maintaining the cars is essential to prevent wear and tear.
  • Tinted windows can help regulate the temperature within the car.
  • Tesla-approved accessories can add a flair to the cars without changing their original design.

In recent years, eco-friendliness and sustainability have become crucial attributes that businesses cannot overlook. In this vein, electric cars have become increasingly popular. Tesla electric cars, in particular, have quite a reputation for their cleanliness and top-of-the-range features.

Hotels prioritizing sustainability can significantly benefit from incorporating Tesla electric cars into their fleet. Here are some advantages of using Tesla electric cars for your hotel business.


While the initial cost of purchasing a Tesla electric car may be higher than a conventional car, the long-term benefits to your hotel business make the purchase well worth it.

Unlike traditional gasoline-run cars, Tesla electric cars are highly efficient and require little maintenance. The cost of charging the cars is much lower than fueling them, and there is no need for oil changes, which is a significant expense for classic cars.

Positive impact on the environment

As a hotel owner, you can show your commitment to sustainability and environmental concern using Tesla electric cars. Teslas produce no emissions, which makes them an excellent choice for hotels striving for a low carbon footprint.

They have a range of up to 360 miles per charge, and charging stations are being introduced globally, making this an ideal mode of transport for business and leisure guests.

Stylish and luxurious

Tesla electric cars are known for their sleek design and impressive features. They come with multiple cameras and sensors, enhancing the safety of the driver and passengers. This makes them an excellent choice for VIP transport, providing clients with a unique and luxurious experience. In addition, Tesla cars have a smooth and quiet ride, making for a pleasant experience.

Tax-deductible and provide positive PR

sales man selling electric vehicle

When using electric cars, hotels can reap the reward of a 100% deduction on the capital of the vehicle in a single year, provided it is solely used for business purposes. Using Tesla electric cars will boost your business’s PR and help it stand out.

Tesla has a unique style and high-profile brand perception. Associating your hotel with a luxurious and sustainable company like Tesla can enhance youTeslael’s brand image and make it a preferred destination for eco-conscious travelers.

Keeping Your Fleet in Great Condition

Of course, one thing that all hotels must consider is the maintenance of their fleet. Tesla electric cars require little maintenance and have advanced features that make them reliable and low care. However, there are a few things you can do to upgrade their look and keep them in excellent condition, such as:

Investing in Paint Protection Film

Like other vehicle brands, Tesla cars are liable for scratches and dents due to their frequent use. You can invest in Xpel PPF services for Tesla cars to protect your vehicles from minor damage. While some brands and stores offer PPF wrapping services for Tesla, Xpel is one of the most reliable and trusted brands in the market.

Xpel’s PPF wrap helps to protect your car’s paint from outdoor elements like harsh UV rays, dirt, mud, and bird droppings. This helps prolong your Tesla cars’ life and maintain their pristine condition.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Another way to keep your Tesla cars in excellent condition is by regularly cleaning and maintaining them. While the vehicles require little maintenance, it’s still essential to check all car components, such as brakes, tires, fluid levels, etc., and get them serviced when necessary. Regular cleaning also helps to prevent wear and tear on the car’s exterior.

Tinted Windows

man applying car tint for windows

Tinting the windows of your Tesla cars is an excellent way to protect them from harmful UV rays and maintain their style and sophistication. It can also help regulate the temperature within the car, making it more comfortable for passengers.

Tesla-Approved Accessories

If you want to add extra flair to your Tesla cars, you can always invest in Tesla-approved accessories such as floor mats, wheel covers, spoilers, and more. These accessories help to enhance the car’s overall look without taking away from its original design.

Final Thoughts

Tesla electric cars are an excellent choice for hotels seeking a reliable, low-maintenance vehicle fleet that provides cost savings and environmental benefits. With the proper maintenance and a few added accessories, your Tesla cars will always look sharp and offer a luxurious experience for your guests.

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