An Honest Question: Where Do You Want to Be Buried?


Talking or asking questions about death remains to be a sensitive topic for many people, despite it being part and parcel of life. As people continue to treat death and everything about it with difficulty, many important and practical questions about it remain unanswered. These include the place of burial or the type of funeral service they prefer.

Why Do Questions About Death Matter?

Preparing for your death is not a laughing matter. Still, this process should not also be treated as a sensitive topic. Planning will not only be financially sound but can also save your family from any trouble.

Some of the Best Burial Places in London

For many people, looking for a place where you want your body to be buried in the future seems strange. But keep in mind this is merely a part of preparing for the future. To help you decide, here are some of the best cemeteries in London:

  • Highgate Cemetery, located on Swain’s Lane in Highgate area and home to Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and many other influential personalities;
  • Kensal Green Cemetery, situated on Harrow Road in Kensal Green area;
  • Saint Mary Magdalene Churchyard;
  • Pinner Parish Churchyard located on Church Hill in the Middlesex area;
  • Abney Park Cemetery, located in Stoke Newington and part of the so-called “magnificent seven” cemeteries in the capital London;
  • Saint Pancras Old Church located in Saint Pancras Gardens;
  • Brompton Cemetery, situated on Fulham Road in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; and,
  • City of London Cemetery and Crematory, which is a public cemetery on Aldersbrook Road in the Manor Park area.

The cemeteries mentioned above are home to celebrity graves and have great serene views. You can also check out many other beautiful cemetery parks that foster contemplation and provide comfort and support to the bereaved.

Why You Need to Look for a Place Now

flowers on top of the tombstone

Given that many people are also looking into the areas mentioned,  you should decide about burial location as early as possible. There is a “crisis” in burial lands. As the more people die every year, the space in cemeteries decreases. As of 2019, there are no more available new spaces in cemeteries, and the only reason burials still take place is through “gravestones reusing” — where two bodies share a burial site.

Another solution could be through the help of a funeral service director. London has no shortage of funeral professionals, and a funeral service director will help you decide what is best for you in the future. Funeral directors can provide you with bespoke funeral services instead and guide you whether you want to be buried traditionally or be cremated. Cremation is another option, which can be more affordable as you don’t need to buy a large burial plot.

Take Note of Everything

There is no harm in discussing sensitive things, such as death, which is only one of the many essential things that need preparation — both financially and mentally. So go ahead, compare your options and decide what is best for yourself and your family

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