An Overview of Car Rental Costs


These days, traveling in a new locality for one reason or another is no simple task. It is easy to assume that cabs will be a convenient and inexpensive means of transport, but this will be far from what you get. The most convenient option is a car rental service. Most people will, however, shun this option since they assume that this is an unnecessary and expensive cost.

When you rent a self-drive car for getting around Manila, what you need to pay attention to are the fees that make up your total cost. Doing so will help you avoid some unnecessary charges that an unscrupulous car dealer might try to add to your total rental cost. Here are the primary categories of car rental expenses that will make up your total renting cost:

One-way Rental Fees

These are specified on different contracts as drop or vehicle return fees. They apply if you are planning to drop the rental car in a different location. A domestic one-way rental fee is low, and some renters will not charge it if the drop-off is within specified local country borders. International drop fees are higher, but some countries nowadays have various trade agreements that negate some taxes and decrease the one-way rental fees.

Car Rental Insurance Extras

Car rental insurance is a legal requirement in most states nowadays. Other than the coverage, most rental companies will charge some insurance extras. These are sometimes included in your rental contract as processing or administration costs. The best choice, in this case, is to go for comprehensive insurance since the extras will be charged once. Do not get multiple insurance covers and be charged for the extras.

Fuel Policy Fees

fueling car tank

These depend on the general local cost of fuel. This fee will determine the cost of the fuel when you pick and return the car. Most companies have a full-to-full and full-to-empty fuel policy. With the full-to-full policy, you will be given a full fuel tank when hiring the vehicle and be expected to return the car with a full tank. The full-to-empty policy will require an empty fuel tank on the car’s return, though this might be costly since most renters charge you a higher rate for their full fuel tank.

Driver Fees

These are specified on rental contracts as a young driver or senior driver surcharge. They are charged if another driver will drive the car. In most cases, the age of the additional driver will determine the charge, and you might pay higher for drivers over 75 years or below 25.

In the end, with a proper comprehension of these costs, you are now better placed to understand how much your rental company is charging. These are the key elements that you should consider in your contract when evaluating different agencies. There is hence no need for shunning car renting, believing that it is expensive. If you still feel uncertain, you can seek the advice of a professional or look for other sources online.

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