Avoid These Problems When Getting Removable Insulation Blankets


If you’re in the process of looking for removable insulation blankets, you may be concerned about choosing the correct blanket. In their YouTube video, “Problems to Avoid When Sourcing Removable Insulation Blankets,” the Firwin Company discussed the problems faced by many vendors. New or inexperienced homeowners may not be aware of the importance of these items.

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These sheets of insulation cover the indoor or outdoor components of a heating system to prevent heat loss within the system.

Choosing the Wrong Size

To select the best insulation blanket, you first need to calculate the correct footage required. When doing so, many will miscalculate the circumference of the system components. An incorrect calculation can occur because people often forget to adjust their calculations to account for the thickness of the blanket. Before multiplying the length of the component by Pi, you must add two inches to the length.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Another mistake in selection often occurs in the choice of blanket material. Popular choices include all types of aerogels and heavy-duty silicone. When you order your blanket, give the supplier as many details as possible, so they can select the correct blanket size and material. By combining the proper materials and measurements, the supplier can provide the right blanket for you.


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