Bathroom Space: Making One Where There is None


The bathroom is usually one of the tiny rooms in your house. However, regardless of the size, you can still organize the space whether it’s a home or commercial bathroom. Professional organizers provide great ideas that can help you organize your bath space and save time.

A crowded bathroom will make you waste time searching for the small items that are usually kept there. For instance, you can spend almost ten minutes looking for a hairbrush. To avoid such a disappointing scenario, here are important tips to observe that can help you maximize space in your bathroom.

Decluttering the Area

This simply means decluttering. Ensure that you have only what you need in the bathroom. Instead of storing six or more types of shampoos, select one or two that you need. Discard the rest. Do the same with shower caps and bathrobes. Check for any expired medications and dispose of them. In the end, you’ll have space and the place will be more organized.

Invest in Storage Containers

Instead of just tossing your bathroom accessories around, have a basket, cabinet, or any other container that can store them in an organized manner. It makes it easy to find the items and to make your space organized. Based on the items you would like to store, you can use cardboard, plastic, or metal of varying sizes. Importantly, you can save money by recycling items already available such as checkboxes. Simply engage your local technician to secure them appropriately using wall brackets.

Create More Storage Space

You can be creative enough with the space you have and even create more. For example, you can secure your wastebasket on the inside of the door, so it’s kind of a swinging trash bin. It will free up space on the bathroom floor and help you manage the trash effectively without causing clutter.

Utilize Drawer Organizers

bathroom with drawers

Drawer dividers come handy when you want to create compartments in your drawers. This will help you accommodate more accessories. Most important, you should have a counter with everything that you need to use daily. Besides, a three-tiered plastic organizer can be a good fit for makeup accessories, which are used daily. Any item you don’t use daily should be kept in a drawer or cabinet.

Every bit of space is important

Consider using the space below the sink, above the door, or behind the cabinet door. Better still, custom shelves and slim sliding baskets can find appropriate places to install them. The wall space is another place to utilize. Using suitable wall brackets, you can secure containers for keeping towels and other bathroom necessities.

The bathroom is the most visited room in a building. At least no day passes without someone visiting the place. Against that backdrop, it should be neat and inviting. In a place where children are involved, you can add more security and children-friendly items such as toilet seat locks. With these five tips, you can redefine your bath space and make it more organized and attractive.

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