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For CEOs and small business owners alike, having a roster of commercial services to hire before you need them can be a lifesaver in a pinch. When you’ve got a million items on your to-do list, wasting time looking for a decent plumber or roofing company can set you further back on the progress you’d like to make on your workday than you would want. A huge part of making your business the success you envision is networking with other businesses so you can help each other out in your times of need and uplift each other in the community.

You don’t need to wait until you run into a problem or require their services to look for commercial services to hire. It can be more efficient to contact these companies and begin to build a relationship with them when you don’t need them. Not only will you be able to be more professional when you’re not dealing with a major crisis, but you’ll also have the opportunity to present the best version of your company to them if you’re not ringing them for the first time in the middle of a stressful challenge.

Waste Disposal Company

For healthcare companies and organizations that handle specific types of biological waste, disposing of the waste through the appropriate medical waste disposal companies can be the difference between following the law and violating key regulations in your industry. For this reason, you’ll want to have the right waste disposal services for the job on your contact list. Even if you haven’t started a medical company yet, looking into the pricing and other features of these services can help you as you prepare to launch your business.

Even if you have a business that seems like it doesn’t produce a lot of waste, or you pride yourself in creating a sustainable, low-waste company, you should still include waste management services on your list of commercial services to hire. It’s nearly impossible to go without creating any waste between inventory, daily operations, and administrative tasks in a business. What’s more, you may need to call a waste disposal service at some point and it’s better to start that conversation with a company you already like than scroll through all of your local options when you’re in a bind.

Crane Rental Company

For companies that deal with heavy freight and lifting, it’s wise to have crane rental services in your address book. A crane can be a specialized piece of machinery that you only use once a year or it can be part of your everyday tasks. Regardless of how often you need to rent a crane, calling different companies can make it easier to choose the right one when it’s time to rent this equipment.

To stay informed on the availability of commercial services to hire like crane rentals, you should call them at least once every few months. Some companies may be busier during certain times of year when their industries pick up in work volume while others may have a steady stream of business all year round. Don’t wait until the last minute to call an equipment rental company like one that rents out cranes or you may risk missing out on the key equipment you need and delaying a project from completion.

Stainless Steel Company

From healthcare to manufacturing, a large range of industries use stainless steel in their products and services. This is where having a stainless steel producer or servicer on your list of commercial services to hire can come in handy. Stainless steel services can work with existing pieces to make them more functional or they can produce new pieces in the case of manufacturing.

While it might be hard to find a stainless steel service center if that industry isn’t common in your area, you may have better luck finding this type of service if you increase the radius of miles you’re willing to travel to get these services and parts. Although some industries like the floral business might not need this type of service, it’s never a bad idea to have more contacts than you need in different industries. Even if stainless steel seems unrelated to your company’s mission, it doesn’t mean that you won’t run into an unexpected issue one day that could put these services to good use.

Bank Consulting Company

Every business deals with money and finances, so having a bank consulting company on your roster of businesses to contact all year round is never a bad idea. If you already have a bank or credit union that you trust, you can see if they have consulting services to make your life easier as a business owner by keeping all of your financial services in one place. If you don’t trust your banking services, seeking consulting elsewhere can give you a fresh opinion and help you decide whether your financial services are working for you or against you at this point.

Although bank consultations might seem like an intuitive choice for commercial services to hire, they may slip your mind as an option for improving your finances as a business owner. With so much on your plate, it can be difficult to give your business all of the support that it deserves to thrive. While you don’t need to look into financial consultants when you’re just launching your business, it can be wise to make those connections before you have so much on your plate that you don’t have time to sit down and meet with a potential banking consultant.

Burnishing Tools Company

Some industries may require burnishing tools. If you aren’t at a place with your business where you’re ready to purchase a micro machining tooling item or a related piece of equipment, it may be in your best interest to rent this type of machinery. For those who only need to use burnishing tools a few times a year, it may make more sense to keep one of these commercial services to hire in your contact list.

Depending on your industry, it could make sense to have a burnishing tools business on your contact list even if you have yet to need to use them. Some suppliers may be willing to make a deal with you if you offer a service that they need or if they have special sales for those on their email list. Outside of discounts, it’s convenient to already have an equipment rental company on the line when you need to rent a specific type of equipment.

Sprinkler System Company

If you own the facilities for your business, you’ll probably have to keep the fire alarm and sprinkler system updated. Sometimes, you may need to call commercial services to hire to ensure that they’re functioning properly. Although this might seem like a hassle, it’s better than finding out that the sprinklers in your building don’t work the hard way and lose materials or even lives to a mismanaged fire.

When you first purchase or rent a building, you can establish contact with these types of professionals by calling them to schedule a fire protection sprinkler system installation. Even if you have some experience doing this kind of work, it’s better to allow the professionals to do it so that you know the job is done right. Fire sprinklers need to work when you need them the most, so it’s not worth saving some money by taking it on as a DIY project.

Soap Making Equipment Company

For soap and cosmetic product businesses, renting equipment from commercial services to hire can help you save money and space. Soap making equipment and related machinery can take up a lot of warehouse real estate, so renting it can help you clear up some square footage for other activities during events. If your business hasn’t made soap before and you want to test it to see if these products will sell, renting the equipment from a company can make it easier to scale back this side of your business if it doesn’t turn the kind of profit you’d like to see.

While you don’t need the best soap making equipment to get started, establishing a connection with a company that sells or rents this type of equipment allows you to ask professionals in this field what type of machinery they would recommend. For small batches, you might not need to rent equipment but large batches may require larger equipment. Before you decide on a specific kind of machinery, you should research regulations and laws to ensure that you’re complying with them when you start manufacturing your goods.

Wealth Preservation Company

As you build your business (and, with it, your wealth empire), you’ll want to have regular contact with a wealth preservation service to ensure that you don’t lose your riches before you can make the most of them. Preserving wealth may seem like something that you only need to do when you have millions in the bank, but the truth is that the connections you make early in your journey to becoming wealthy will help you grow into the wealthiest person you can be. While some wealth management firms may not advertise that they have commercial services to hire, it doesn’t hurt to call them up and ask what they offer or what your income and assets must be for you to qualify for their services.

Real Estate Law Firm

As a landlord or property owner, it can make a world of difference to connect with a decent realtor lawyer a few times a year and offer your services in exchange for their services if needed. While those who don’t own or sell real estate may not need these commercial services to hire, it’s worthwhile to explore your options before you need one. Calling a real estate attorney doesn’t mean that you need to work with them right away.

Having friends in high places like real estate law can make your life easier as a business owner. Even if you don’t develop a cordial professional relationship with your real estate lawyer, you may still benefit from connecting with them regularly. After all, the more you speak with your real estate attorney, the more that you’ll be able to build rapport as long as you aren’t wasting their time or racking up high bills with billable hours.

Banking Software Company

Every business needs to protect its finances and assets so it’s wise to keep in touch with a banking software firm as a small or large business. Some companies may not need the most cutting-edge banking options while others may handle high volumes of transactions that require sophisticated banking software. Regardless of how fancy you’d like your banking software to be, you should get the right core banking system software services for your business early in your career as a business owner.

Using the same software for personal and commercial banking can make things get messy. If you accidentally use your personal bank account for commercial banking transactions, it can make it more difficult to locate those expenses later when an audit or tax season rolls around. Additionally, having some separation between your personal banking tools and professional banking tools can make you develop the necessary mental separation between personal and commercial banking so you’re in the right mindset when going over your business’ finances.

Stay In Touch

While you may be tempted to only reach out to services when you need something, networking magic happens when you maintain relationships. When appropriate, ask your service providers if they’d like to attend events at your company at a discount. If you sell goods, you can send samples of them to the companies that service you as a “thank you.”

In conclusion, there are many different commercial services to hire or contact as a business owner all year round. Some companies such as waste management companies may be good to call a few times a year while others like a crane rental company might only be called on occasions that require their services. Staying in touch with different services can help you build rapport, get new business, and even get discounts on services if you get close enough to the folks on those teams.



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