Creative Ideas for Keeping Memories Alive Can Be Your Next Business


In the digital age, the goal has been to achieve a strong digital presence. People have invested their time in social media. There are now a multitude of platforms where people can socialize and even share their pictures and videos.

Even with the presence of social media, the practice of using arts and crafts to keep memories alive still exists. In fact, the arts and crafts industry is rapidly rising among the millennial generation. The young folks take time off their gadgets and immerse themselves in handmade cards, wood mount stamps, picture frames, and other trendy projects.

The Golden Age of Print

According to photography experts, the era of printing photographs is far from dead. On the contrary, it might even be the golden age of print. The emergence of digital photography has actually enhanced the demand for print since the quality of the picture can be improved.

Digital photography has made photo printing accessible for the average people. With just a laser or inkjet printer, you can make quality prints in your own home. There’s no need for a dedicated dark room with sensitive and dangerous chemicals. With home printing available, pairing them with personalized picture frames has become a popular trend.

With arts and crafts incorporated into photography, keeping memories alive can now be a way to express oneself. It also improves the aesthetics of your living area.

Creative Activities as Therapy

Little girl paintingAside from the benefit of added aesthetic value, engaging in arts and crafts can also be therapeutic. Psychologists have seen the value of arts and crafts as non-verbal communication tools. Children and even adults who are unable to express themselves through speaking can use arts and crafts to communicate.

Psychiatrists can provide valuable information on a child’s development. They could recognize clues on a child’s emotional experiences and even trauma. They can also assess the cognition and sensory integration skills of their subject in ways where talk therapy could not provide.

Parents can encourage the artistic instincts of their children by allotting a specific area of the house to display their children’s art creations.

Arts and Crafts as a Business

The Crafting Industry is now a $36-Billion industry, as noted by Forbes. While crafting used to consist of quilt shops and sewing trade stores that catered to the older age group, it needs to reinvent itself to appeal to the millennial audience.

That is why the marketing has shifted to the online arena. The digital platform actually carries on the arts and crafts industry when most people thought it would bring about its extinction.

If you want to be a player in the arts and crafts industry, you must appeal to the online audience. Find an online selling platform that appeals to your audience and take good photos of your masterpieces. The online selling platform has leveled the playing field and customers can now view even smaller players’ creations.

Arts and crafts have evolved to survive and thrive in the digital age. It will always be useful and beneficial, as people will always have an instinct to express themselves.

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