Effective Practices in Securing a Business


With nearly 320 million vaccine doses administered, the country is starting to return to everyday life. Due to this, businesses should start preparing for the challenges they faced before the pandemic began. And one of these challenges is security.

Security is one of the biggest concerns for many businesses for them to continue operating with minimal issues. This is particularly true among retailers who aim to minimize losses due to theft, which went down at the height of the pandemic.

But with the end of the pandemic drawing near, businesses should have systems to deal with these incidents. Here are the best practices that companies can consider to protect their physical and digital assets from criminals.

Take the Initiative

The first thing businesses should do is to take the initiative. They should not be complacent and make sure they are not exposed to potential threats. If they do not take any precautions, they may end up losing their inventory to theft.

Businesses should check for vulnerabilities in the facilities and deal with these vulnerabilities as soon as possible. They can create a security checklist so they can cover all areas in their facility or building. The list can serve as a reminder for business owners in case they need more time to deal with the vulnerabilities in their business.

Backup Data

data security

Aside from dealing with physical security, businesses should also work on securing their digital assets. The first thing they should do is to protect their data by encrypting and constantly updating it. Doing this allows a business to reduce the effects of a ransomware attack, which has raised red flags within the US government.

To further increase security, businesses should follow the advice of the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team or the US-CERT. They should keep at least three copies of important files, with one being the primary copy and two backup copies. They should also store data on different platforms and hold at least one copy outside of the premises of the business.

Install Heavy-Duty Locks

Installing heavy-duty locks on the doors of the facility can limit access when the business closes for the night. Using fail-safe locks is advisable for stairwells and the lobby since they unlock when the power goes out. This allows people to get out of the building in case of emergencies. On the other hand, using fail-secure locks in sensitive areas of the business is ideal. These locks remain locked when the power goes out and can only be unlocked when there’s power. This allows the company to secure its property in case a power outage happens.

Aside from locks, businesses can also get the services of a reliable security guard agency to increase the security of their facility. Security personnel has the training and experience to ensure their physical assets are well-protected.

Install a Video Surveillance System


Businesses should also consider installing a video surveillance system in their facility. The surveillance system does not only monitor the facility at night, but it is also helpful in deterring criminal behavior while the business is open. Many would-be criminals may think twice about stealing from a company when they notice a video camera in the place.

The security personnel can also cover as much of the facility when they have a video surveillance system to work with. It allows them to monitor different areas of the building at the same time while staying in one location. Additionally, the business can use recorded videos for visual evidence after someone commits a crime on the premises.

Manage Physical Access into the Premises

Managing physical access to the premises is also essential for business owners. Aside from the installation of locks, the business can also an electronic access control system where the employees use keycards to open the doors of the building. Using this system allows the company to assign security personnel to other areas of the building.

Aside from enhancing security in the building, the system also allows businesses to simplify the process of entering and exiting the building. It also allows them to keep track of the employees who are currently on the premises. Additionally, it will enable the business to scale up.

The system also allows the business to remove and add permissions with ease. If a keycard gets lost or an employee leaves, the firm does not have to replace the building locks. All the company needs to do is remove the permissions on the keycard, ;and it cannot be used to enter the building anymore.

Security is an essential aspect that businesses should focus on to avoid losses and increase their chances of staying afloat amid the pandemic.

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