For Entrepreneurs: Clients You’ll Get with a Commercial Cleaning Business


These days, there are opportunities to be had when it comes to cleaning. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the low overhead costs, stable market demand, and other perks offered by a commercial cleaning business. For entrepreneurs who are keen on getting cleaning franchise opportunities, here is a closer look at your potential clients:

Medical Centers

Medical centers such as hospitals are required to have commercial cleaners that can dispose of their daily hazardous waste. While the large and known ones might already have their own janitorial services, it is the smaller clinics that struggle in finding cleaners. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration holds hospitals and clinics to a certain standard, regardless of size.

Academic Institutions

Schools, universities, libraries, and similar places of learning are also potential clients. Parents are stakeholders of these academic institutions, and they expect the school to be sanitary and well kept for children. At the end of the day, a school needs students and employees, which reinforces the necessity of commercial cleaning to keep the place pleasant.

Tourism Spots

Tourism spots such as resorts, hotels, and restaurants strive to maintain their image to tourists. After all, the reputation of the locale or country could be compromised if a visitor found the place to be dirty. These places are lucrative opportunities for commercial cleaning businesses, especially if they are recognized and supported by the state.

Shopping Establishments

Like tourism spots, shopping establishments also need to keep a clean image to keep customers coming. While the pressure to do so might not be as high as that of tourist spots, malls still rely on the influx of buyers to keep the place functional. Mall tenants and employees need janitorial services to clean up litter in the shops or food courts that they handle within the place.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships also need commercial cleaning. The areas that need cleaning include car showroom floors and offices. The challenge in cleaning car dealerships is maintaining a clean atmosphere as prospective car buyers inspect displayed vehicles. Maintenance of the cars themselves is normally given to a professional detailer, which means one less worry for your cleaning team.

Government Buildings

Federal and state buildings are locations that typically serve as venues for officials or diplomats to gather. It’s also a workplace that handles loads of paperwork daily, which means it needs to be kept clean and organized. However, you should remember that commercial cleaners are required to obtain a government contract to start cleaning.


Woman grocery shopping

Lastly, groceries are prospective clients for cleaning. These businesses handle food and other perishables every day, which require trained disposal to keep sanitation. The parking lots of some groceries also need daily cleaning to prevent litter from disrupting the parking procedures.

In the end, numerous clients need commercial cleaning services to help maintain their businesses. With that in mind, starting such a service is an attractive option for entrepreneurs. Groceries, schools, offices, tourist spots, and others can be regular customers, guaranteeing steady growth for your cleaning business.

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