Impress Your Dinner Party Guests with These 7 Tips


Putting on a stunning dinner party for your valued guests requires all sorts of preparations. It typically involves obtaining all the necessary supplies, selecting the right people to invite, sending out invitations (via post or e-mail), prepping the dining atmosphere and choosing the right food to serve to guests.

If you’re unsure how to deliver an excellent dining and drinking experience for your guests, don’t fret. Take note of these suggestions to make sure that you’ve covered all the bases of a successful dinner party:

  1. Set a Beautiful Table

You don’t necessarily have to shell out money on embroidered linen or top-quality charger plates (although you could go shopping if you have the budget). You have the option to use what you have in your home to make a gorgeous dining table.

Start by filling glass jars with colorfully wrapped chocolates, seasonal branches or bunches of flowers. You could also put brightly colored fruits as the dinner centerpiece.

Then, place cards, so guests won’t have to search awkwardly for a place to sit. Remember that you’re hosting a dinner party, not a game of musical chairs. Although plain name cards are acceptable, you could take this up a notch by making them look festive. You could, for example, add pine cones (for Christmas dinners) to give the place cards some extra flare.

  1. Plan Your Dinner Menu

Think about foods that complement one another, while also including some variety. Refrain from pairing up extremes, such as bacon covered in chocolate and lobster tails. Also, don’t have too many of the same thing. Be sure that your schedule also gives you plenty of time with your dinner party guests.

If you need more information, conduct an informal survey amongst your guests you want to invite to obtain some ideas. This can also help you obtain info on special diets that your guests follow or possible food allergies.

  1. Think About a Theme

A theme can turn a normal party with family members and friends into a memorable and fun event. A theme can come from something relevant, such as a particular film, TV show or viral video. It could also come from inside jokes. The important thing to remember here is that it’s something that your guests will find enjoyable and fun to do or celebrate.

Take note, though, that a theme may not always be appropriate in dinner parties. If you’re looking to blow away your audience, you could introduce subtle hints of flare and luxury rather than a unified party theme. Consider matching the time of year and climate to the overall arrangement.

  1. Adhere to Your Schedule

Seeing your event running along as smoothly as possible is one of the valuable skills of the dinner party host. Spending time with your guests is a crucial part of the night. After all, this is the main reason they’re attending the dinner party you organized. Spending too much time with them, however, could slow down or prevent the courses from getting to the table at the right time.

If you need a few helping hands in the kitchen, make sure you hire cooks days or weeks in advance, or at least before the evening begins. This will allow you to keep the fine balance between time in the dining area and the kitchen. What’s more, it will enable you to better gauge when your valued guests are ready for their next dish.

  1. Refrain from Overdoing the Alcohol

Have the right liquor or wine on hand for guests who are interested in having a drink or two, but make sure they don’t have too many drinks before they have at least consumed a few appetizers.

You need to remember that you are hosting a wonderful and memorable dinner party, not a drinking session. You want your guests to feel happy, not wasted.

Also, if you’re going to serve alcohol, you should do this once everyone on the table has eaten food. Too much alcohol on an empty stomach is a big no-no.

  1. Make Sure Your Dessert is Memorable

Dessert is the final course, which means you want to save the best for last. When thinking of what to serve, avoid simply plopping some vanilla or chocolate ice cream on a plate and call that “dessert.”

Opt for something a little special or sophisticated. A few examples include a deep-fried Mars bar, chocolate pasta or a cheese soufflé (if you have the technical cooking skills to pull this off). You want your guests to have a delicious and satisfying meal that will leave them happy and full.

  1. Cook Extra Food

Some guests may bring an extra person who’s not necessarily invited to dinner. If you have people like these in your life, you’ll want to whip up extra food for these uninvited individuals. Give them a small care package for showing up.

These seven tips will help you impress guests at your next dinner party. By following these suggestions, you can make sure that the event is a tremendous success.

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