Methods of Noise Reduction in Open Offices


The number of startups has significantly increased recently. Although in the past most people operated their businesses from their homes, this is no longer the case. Clients will, after all, make an impression of the seriousness of your business depending on your premises. With the right office space, you are guaranteed to make the best impression on your would-be clients. Coworking spaces are the ideal choice for startups and even established businesses aiming to minimise the costs of renting office spaces.

The coworking space price your landlord will quote depends on the space that you will rent and the location of the building. As such, you can get a space regardless of the money you have set aside for your office rental. However, most people will shun coworking spaces owing to the noise in most of the areas as they handle different types of businesses in a smaller space. The following are a few methods of reducing noise in a coworking space.

Use of Noise-friendly Floors

Hard floors such as those made of ceramic, porcelain, and natural wood will not be helpful when it comes to minimising noise. Carpeting will absorb the noise from your floors to some extent, but vinyl is a better alternative since it is easier to maintain than carpeted floors. Vinyl floors should have the right amount of underlayment so that they can absorb enough noise. There are also some vinyl floor types that have noise reduction properties.

Installation of Dedicated Quiet Spaces

It is essential to get a quiet place where employees can work away from the noise in their shared workspaces. Most coworking offices now include a soundproof makeshift sanctuary within their layouts. These soundproof spaces offer a perfect solution for workers looking for quiet areas for their work or to get away and conceptualise different elements of their work.

Use of Sound-friendly Furniture

Modern office interior

The lounge chairs, couches, filing cabinets, and wall partitions have an impact on the sound in your working space. High-backed couches and chairs will, for instance, enclose your working space and minimise the noise distractions from other areas of your shared office. Tall filing cabinets will also enhance your privacy from the rest of the people in your office and reduce the noise from other areas.

Acoustic Wall Panels

You can also choose to screen your working space with acoustic panels. These absorb noise and will effectively combat the noise from other offices. Although acoustic wall panels are not as aesthetically pleasing as other wall partitions, there are now different designs that you can incorporate into the panels to boost their appearance. Moreover, you can choose to install your business logo on the panels, thus boosting its look while personalising your working space.

It might not be possible to get a completely noise-free coworking space. However, with these alternatives, you can now confidently invest in a coworking space for your business with little concern of the high noise levels in most shared working spaces in the past. To reap the most out of your coworking space, get an ideal balance between the noise levels and the functionality of your space.

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