5 Small Business Ideas with a High Demand in the USA


Jobs will soon become a thing of the past and people will work for their own businesses. Even if you work as a freelancer, there are tons of opportunities to convert your service into a service-based business. All you need is a skill or an idea to build a small business.

You can take advantage of the services of business advisors to make sure that you’re going on the right path. Small Businesses don’t require as much money. What they require is a strong will to continue when things don’t go your way.

Here are 5 small business ideas that you can try your hand in:

  • Organic Vending Machines: When you arrive at a hotel or motel, the vending machine that you normally see contains Coca-cola, Pepsi, or other carbonated drinks. They also contain unhealthy snacks that contain a lot of sugar. You would almost think to skip the meal until you find something healthy. Eating that stuff after a tiring drive can harm your health.

This is where organic vending machines come in. Covid has made people mindful of their health and more and more people are turning to organic food items. In 2019, the vending machine market in the US was over 6000 million dollars. It’s estimated to reach 7000 million dollars by 2025. This business idea is great for high-traffic areas where people move around a lot. Popular trends among vending machines are on the rise that makes this market more lucrative.

  • 15 min grocery delivery: This business idea is prevalent in countries like India, Indonesia, and Russia but not in America. The grocery delivery service is not like Amazon where it would take up to a few days. Even the same-day delivery doesn’t work. Hence, the idea is 15 min grocery delivery.

The company would hire drivers who would deliver groceries to people from nearby stores. The prerequisite is the speed and freshness of the vegetables. The rest of the items, like eggs, milk, toilet paper, sugar, etc stay the same. This idea fits the narrative in urban cities where people are working during most of the day and do not have time to shop for groceries.

  • Smart Home Contractor: A contractor helps with house creation after which people install gadgets that they need. But a smart contractor will build a house that already has everything planned. As a contractor, you’ll plan your equipment and wiring systems for that at the time of building, not after that.

This will make the whole process very simple. People don’t need to hire a contractor and technician separately for different requirements for your house. A smart contractor will suggest housing solutions as per your requirements. Any climate, security, or automation requirements will be looked after beforehand.

  • Professional Organizer: You must’ve seen Instagram and Pinterest homes that have perfectly organized closets or kitchens. They look so neat and lead to a breathable space. Staying in a cluttered home can decrease your productivity so it’s important you keep it clean. Professional organizers help people unclutter their homes and clear up space.

This seems like a small job but after a professional organizer is done with houses, they usually free a whole room. Clients can redecorate the whole space or turn it into an office if they’d like. There’s a lot of scope for this in houses where children have moved out, and they have so many things cluttered up. People keep thinking that they don’t have space in their house until a professional fixes it for them.

  • Virtual Assistant: With the increased number of people moving into the business space, the demand for virtual assistants is skyrocketing. These are the people who handle all the technical work that’s important for running a business. Their work constitutes tasks like replying to emails, making calls, creating some light content, or engaging on social media.

girl smiling with a computer beside her

A virtual assistant is generally good at one main skill that he/she is hired for. For instance, a virtual assistant who writes blogs or a virtual assistant who edits videos. Another prerequisite is, a virtual assistant is very close to the business owner. So, empathy and good communication skills are a must. 

This is a service-based business so word of mouth goes a long way. One can build a team or agency of virtual assistants in the long term. That would be quite lucrative. You will train other assistants to work with different clients.

These ideas require thorough market research before you jump in. Understand what your competitors are doing. In service-based businesses, the key is implementing the best-performing practices and adding your unique elements. In product-based, an idea to solve real problems goes a long way. You can create a product for that and then market yourself to glory.

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