Spend Your Days in the Sun and Away from Taxes


You don’t need to sail to the Caribbean to escape the financial demands of the government. Certain states in the U.S. will leave your retirement money alone and provide a haven away from the cold.

No Taxes in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas — except the government. Small government means you get to keep more of your money, and you have more liberty. Your 401K withdrawals, Social Security benefits, and pension won’t be taxed. There is no state tax, but there is an income tax if you are still working or doing business. There are no estate taxes, and your children can receive their inheritance without needing to pay a hefty inheritance tax.

With taxes gone, your monthly bookkeeping can focus on home healthcare payrolls and tax liabilities. While you can handle most of these on your own, it might be prudent to turn to professional services, especially if you’re over 70. Find inexpensive homes at Corpus Christi or El Paso (median house prices are around $100,000) or enjoy a growing economy in McKinney (also considered one of the best places to live in the US in 2014). Texas is an amiable state, and nobody will be infringing on your constitutional rights.

More Retirees Choose Miami


Get a warm reception in Miami. The state has the most senior-centric healthcare facilities in the nation. With seniors dominating the populace, establishments and institutions have adjusted to cater specifically to their needs. Miami has over 300 hospitals and more than 600 clinics. You’ll still need to pay taxes on healthcare, transportation, and other state services.

However, senior rates are lower than usual. Miami doesn’t charge an income tax, and you get to keep all of your 401K. There are no estate or inheritance taxes to bother your children when you’re gone, and you’ll only need to pay property taxes if your house costs over $250,000. Miami weather is famous for being warm, so expect more seniors and snowbirds (winter tourists) during the winter months. The Miami nightlife is blazing with parties and a diverse music scene that caters to everyone.

A Grand Retirement in Arizona

Housing, taxes, and weather are three of the major draws driving retirees to Arizona. Forty percent of Arizona’s new residents are retirees — with more coming every year. The weather is warm but dry. Humidity stays low, limiting outbreaks of flu and making the heat more tolerable. Housing cost is 20-30 percent below the nation’s average, standing at around $140,000 to $160,000. The state has more than 100 senior communities, all designed for assisted or independent living. If you’re still working, Arizona has one of the lowest income tax rates in the USA. Your Social Security benefits stay untouched, and your 401K will remain largely intact. Buy as much as you want of your daily needs in stores as your groceries won’t be taxed.

No winter aches and no taxes. Live comfortably and with most of your money in senior-friendly states that know how to treat you right.

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