Top Business Ideas For Nature Lovers


With the world population’s growing awareness about various environmental issues, eco-friendly businesses are on the rise. From eco-bags to metal and bamboo utensils, more and more products and services are now being tailored to help the environment.

Consumers are also now interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) aside from a company’s products or services, so if you’re an entrepreneur who loves the nature, then starting a business that promotes taking care of the environment will catch the attention of these eco-friendly consumers.

As you rack your brains for an excellent business idea, here are some options worth considering:

1. Landscaping Services

Every home and commercial establishment needs a beautiful garden. It improves curb appeal, attracts a variety of birds and insects, and adds life to a property. With this business, you can also help property-owners spruce up and maintain their lawns. In the autumn, most especially, gardens tend to be messy because of all the fallen leaves.

The winter will also pose a demand for your services because home or business owners will need expert assistance keep the walkways free of thick snowfall. Therefore, consider some residential or commercial landscape maintenance services franchise opportunities, and you’d start out as a well-known brand name.

2. Waste Management Services

You can promote proper waste segregation and disposal by starting a waste management services business. It may not be the most glamorous venture, but treating waste properly contributes a big change to the world’s waste problem. Emphasize your mission of fighting climate change in your business to attract many customers and inspire others to observe proper waste disposal techniques.

3. Eco-Friendly Retail

Look for suppliers who manufacture their products via sustainable means, and launch a brand selling those products. Share your brand’s story online to make your market aware of your sustainable business processes. To further raise awareness about environmental issues, consider publishing educational content spread via email, or through regular posts in your website. Share tips on living an eco-friendly lifestyle as well.

4. Scuba Diving Lessons and Excursions

If you’re environmentally-conscious, loves the ocean, and loves adventure, a scuba diving lessons and excursions businesses will suit you well. You get to explore the deep oceans often and share important information to your customers about biodiversity and the issues currently surrounding them. You can also educate about ocean pollution, and how to prevent them.

5. Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Construction is an industry that generates a lot of waste, but you can change that by starting an eco-friendly construction materials business. Such businesses offer recycled materials to be used for infrastructure repair projects. Your raw materials would be recycled plastic, for example, instead of non-sustainable materials like concrete and steel.

6. Outdoor Travel Agency

Another business perfect for the adventurous soul, an outdoor travel agency offers biking, hiking, and camping tours. These activities give opportunities to people to get closer to nature and appreciate it more. Like in a scuba diving business, you can also share vital environmental information and lessons to your customers, so that they’d understand the importance of preserving nature, and what benefits they’d enjoy in return.

7. Organic Catering Services


If you’re a foodie, you can rejoice and thrive from an organic catering services business. Source your ingredients from local farms, and seek out organic produce and meat suppliers. Fill your menu with free-range meat, vegan dishes, gluten-free choices, and paleo-meal delicacies.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to those options because there a lot more amazing business ideas suited for eco-friendly entrepreneurs. Find out what your strengths, talents, and passions are and come up with a feasible idea based on those. If you feel like one business isn’t enough to promote your advocacy, you can definitely manage more organizations.

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