Top Reasons Self-ordering Kiosks are Ideal for Business


Gone are the days when businesses like retail stores, ice cream parlours and restaurants use analog cash registers to process payments from clients. These days, almost all businesses that provide products and services use modern technology to facilitate payments.

Point of sales (POS) system is a common technology used in Singapore and other countries. Companies providing such system offer other peripherals including barcode scanners and biometric security devices to facilitate quick and secure transactions.

One of the newest technologies that have been generating a lot of buzz, however, is the self-ordering kiosk. It offers a host of remarkable benefits that can make business processes more streamlined and faster. This technology also provides better customer experience and a chance for businesses to free up manpower.

Here are five reasons self-ordering kiosks could do wonders for your business.

You Can Attract More Customers

A Forbes article reveals that over 65 per cent of customers expressed interest to patronise restaurants with self-serving kiosks, while 30 per cent said they would order from such kiosk over a traditional cashier in case queues are of the same length.

Now, imagine having the proper facilities to tap into such a potential market. Think of your own restaurant or business having self-ordering kiosks drawing in customers with the same preferences as the ones mentioned above.

You Can Integrate Them with Your Existing POS system

One barrier to using new technologies in business with existing ones is connectivity and compatibility. But the great thing about self-ordering kiosks is they allow you to integrate them with existing POS systems. This means you won’t have to discard your current infrastructure to accommodate the new one. It’s a win-win solution.

Customers Spend More on Suggested Add-Ons

fast food

Sandwich giant Subway, one of the first big-ticket companies to hug the self-ordering kiosk technology, recently admitted it has rolled out several digital initiatives aimed to make life easier for its customers.

Among others, Subway has allowed customers to place orders via Facebook’s Messenger app, and partnered with delivery companies like Uber Eats to serve customers who can’t physically go to Subway stores. Also featured in the company’s digital initiatives are digital menu boards and pick-up points for off-store orders.

As for the self-ordering kiosks, Subway noted that customers order more add-ons when using the kiosks. The company acknowledged promising upselling opportunities in such a digital technology.

You Can Customise the Menus Displayed on The Kiosks

You can program and re-program self-ordering kiosks to highlight specific items you wish to sell. This nifty feature also facilitates seamless cross-selling and upselling, which could help drive up sales significantly.

You Can Maximise Your Available Manpower

While there were initial apprehensions that self-ordering kiosks could make cashiers obsolete, such an assumption is baseless. In fact, having self-ordering kiosks allowed businesses to divert their manpower to other facets of their daily operations. These include assigning the cashiers to assist customers or lend a hand in the kitchen during peak hours.

Ultimately, these things can improve customer service and make businesses more attractive to their target markets.

It’s easy to see why more businesses have incorporated self-ordering kiosks in their facilities. If you have decided on giving this digital technology a try, you can contact an IT service provider to help you establish your own self-ordering kiosks.

Remember that some of today’s most successful businesses are those that had the courage to embrace new technology. You should, too, to help your business thrive in the ever-evolving business realm.

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