Turning the Basement into a Game Room: What to Do


The pandemic had a considerable effect on the mental health of people across the country. But a survey has shown that it has a bigger impact on men than what was previously known. Stress levels of around 77 percent of respondents increased during the health crisis. And approximately 60 percent felt that they were isolated.

With this, it’s a good idea for men to have a place in the house where they can relax and take away the stress that they feel due to the situation. If you are in this situation, you can relieve the stress that you feel by converting an unused basement into a game room where you can have fun at the end of the week. Here are the things that you can do to accomplish this.

Use All Available Space

The first thing that you need to do is to check the available space in the basement. Homeowners typically use the basement to store household items that they have not used for years. You can dispose of things that you cannot repurpose or donate usable items that you are not using anymore. This will increase the space you can use for the game room.

You can set up video games, a table tennis table, or an air hockey table in your game room. If the space is bigger than you initially thought, you can hire an interior designer to help you convert the basement. You can also install a bathroom in the basement if you plan to spend a lot of time in the room over the weekend. Setting up shelves is a good idea so that you’ll have space to store personal items in the basement.

Building partitions in the basement allows you to turn it into a multi-purpose room aside from a simple game room. You can set up a workspace if you plan to work from home or start a home-based business.

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Focus on Gaming

Investing in a reliable gaming system is a good idea when you set up your game room in the basement. You can also install a large screen television that you can use for your gaming needs. A comfortable couch or gaming chair is also a good idea if you have enough budget for it. The focus is to invest in items that enhance your gaming experience.

You should also make sure to install the equipment at the correct height to avoid straining your eyes and neck. In this regard, you have to get a durable television stand to ensure the proper positioning of the television and your game system.

You can decorate the room with authentic signed memorabilia and gaming posters to set up the ambiance in the room. When you have a suitable ambiance, you look forward to hanging out in the room together with your friends over the weekend.

Work on Acoustics and Lighting

To enhance your gaming experience, you need to work on the acoustics and lighting of the basement. You can install sound absorption panels in the room to absorb loud noise that can reach other parts of the house. You would not want to disturb the other household members with the loud volume of the television while you play.

Fiberglass drop ceiling tiles can also help in sound-proofing the room. You can also replace the door with solid wood to reduce the room’s sound. Installing drapes on the windows and putting pillows can reduce the amount of sound that leaves the room while you are playing your favorite games.

For a more immersive gaming experience, you can install colored lights in the basement. You can also install accented lighting in different parts of the room. Red and blue ambient can make the atmosphere engaging and allow you to enjoy your gaming experience. Adding lights on each table also adds to the ambiance of the game room.

Keep the Room Stylish

Even as you want to fill the room with many decorations, you should focus on keeping it stylish. You should avoid putting too many items in the game room, or else it will end up looking like a storeroom instead of a game room.

You can use movable game chairs to allow you to move around while playing. A sofa is also a good idea so you’ll have more space for your friends who want to hang out with you over the weekend. Installing a refrigerator also allows you to keep drinks cool while playing your favorite games.

Converting your basement into a game room gives you a place to relax and have fun after a stressful week at work.

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