Types of Cotton for Towels in Commercial Accommodation Establishments


There are undoubtedly many clients nowadays for hotels, inns and other accommodation establishments thanks to the increase in travel worldwide. While this means a boom for the hospitality sector, there has also been an increase in service providers to cater to these clients. To stand out, therefore, you need to offer the primary element most people are looking for in hotels, inns, and hostels; comfort. Several aspects will determine the comfort of your establishments, but most people would pay top dollar for a relaxing bath.

The soap, body wash, shampoos, and conditioners that make part of your hotel supplies undoubtedly determine the bath experience you give your clients. Aiming for variety and relaxing scents for them is thus essential. One element of the bathing experience most hospitality investors overlook is their towels. Guests need three primary types of towels, including bath, wash, and hand towels. To guarantee these towels have a luxurious feel, are durable and easy to wash and disinfect, it is essential to pick the right fiber for them. The following cotton types are the leading options for hotel towels.

Organic Cotton

The eco-friendly push has also caught up with the towel industry. Certified organic cotton towels are made of cotton crops that use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides for their cultivation and are harvested using eco-sustainable techniques. The fibers of organic towels are similar to those of conventional cotton but do not have the carbon footprint of the latter. With most people now looking for organic products, this can be a good advertising point for your establishment.

Egyptian Cotton

This is currently considered the superior cotton quality for towels. It has high absorbency rates and extra-long towel fibers that make plush towels. As such, Egyptian cotton towels are the primary choice for spas and luxury hotels. Owing to its high absorbency rate, however, Egyptian cotton also has a high risk of mildew growth when inadequately dried. To this end, a high level of care is essential to maximize the durability of your towels.

Turkish Cotton

Like Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton has extra-long, absorbent, and soft fibers. The cotton, in this case, is mainly grown in the Turkish Aegean area. While cheaper and easier to care for compared to towels made from Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton is not as luxurious as the latter.

Pima Cotton

This was primarily grown in the southwestern region of America in the past using the same seeds as those used for Egyptian cotton. Nowadays, Pima cotton is also grown in some areas of Peru and Australia. Pima cotton is thus also a long fiber and super absorbent option for your hotel towels. It might nevertheless not be as superior in quality as Egyptian cotton owing to the differences in climatic conditions and other elements beyond a planter’s control.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of hotel suppliers nowadays that market counterfeits as the types of cotton mentioned here. To protect your establishment’s reputation and get your investment’s worth, it is essential to work with a reputable supplier. This might, in some instances, mean parting with a higher monetary amount compared with what another supplier is quoting. The benefits of authentic cotton towels, however, make it worth their price.

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