What Makes Mexican Food So Irresistible?


Do you know? According to Statista, 110.72 million Americans consumed tortillas in 2017. What’s more, is as of April 2017, more than 59,800 Mexican restaurants in the United States are operational.

If you’re looking to have a food business but don’t know where to start, Mexican food might be the answer. From tacos to quesadillas, to burritos, to guacamole, Mexican food offers different dishes that you can give to customers.

Mexico has blessed us with their dishes made of joy, but have you ever wondered why people love Mexican food so much? All these reasons will show you why opening up your Mexican food business is the best decision you’ll make.

1. Mexican food is full of flavor

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Mexican dish that lacks color and flavor. Every Mexican dish bursts with healthy, fresh ingredients, like tomatoes, beans, avocados, chiles, fish, chicken, beef, and even other types of meat like rabbit and lamb.

Their love for variety and surprises are significant factors why people love Mexican food. This also gives you room to experiment with your ingredients to create your best sellers.

2. Mexican food is healthy

Taco scientists at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla set out to find out if Mexican staples like tacos al pastor and cochinita pibil flautas are healthy for humans. Their conclusion? Three tacos or four flautas actually make for a balanced meal. Couple that with exercise and a little moderation and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite Mexican staples guilt-free.

Their use of various vegetables and fruits also contributes to the high nutritional value of their meals. Mexicans love experimenting, so they combine different ingredients to create tasty meals that are very rich with proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. So if you’ve been looking to buy a healthy food franchise, consider purchasing a Mexican food franchise.

3. It’s perfect for spice lovers

Various spices

For folks who can’t live without spice, Mexican food is a natural choice. Chile peppers are just one of the favorite spicy ingredients in Mexico that add another layer of flavor to every dish. They also have cumin, garlic, paprika, onion, black pepper, cinnamon, and more.

4. They also have delicious desserts

Beyond tacos, burritos, and spicy meals, Mexican cuisine also offers something sweet. They also have amazing desserts such as cacao, churros, fresh tamales, and cornbread. Churros are particularly famous because of their delicious taste. You can choose from simple churros to flavored ones filled with dulce de leche, caramel, or chocolate.

Cornbread, as the name implies, is a sweet bread made of corn that is usually served as sliced or individual cupcakes. Desserts are also an area where you can experiment with different ingredients and flavors.

Thanks to the variety in flavor and ingredients, Mexican food remains a favorite among Americans. From their staple tacos to delicious desserts, Mexican food is loved by many. Those looking to break into the world of food business will find that Mexican foods are one of the easiest cuisines to sell.

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