Why Healthy Ventilation Is Important in Every Home


Not all homeowners are aware of the amazing health benefits of having a good ventilation system. For many, it is an overlooked factor as long as their heating or cooling system works. Healthy home ventilation systems in New Zealand provide family members with improved health and well-being.

Humidity and mildew growth are prevented with proper ventilation, so chronic health issues are also avoided. Moreover, a well-ventilated home does not rely on the air conditioning system for cooling during good weather conditions.

How to Implement Better Home Ventilation

While in the process of designing a new home, an appropriate ventilation system must be taken into account. There are various vent systems depending on the location and climate in the area where the house will be built.

Homes in tropical regions may install ventilation on the roof to allow the continuous circulation of fresh air into the house. In colder regions, the provision for a home ventilation system must be carefully planned. A functioning ventilation system will let fresh air in and bad air out.

It is also important to reduce indoor humidity, which can cause unwanted moisture inside the house. Some homes choose HVAC systems because they can heat up or warm the home during colder months and keep the temperature comfortably cool when the weather is hot. It is an all-in-one system that needs to be fully integrated into the house. This is why planning and consulting with professionals are always important.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen and Bathroom

Circular air ventilation duct on the ceiling

An example of an extra ventilation system that you can install in the kitchen is an exhaust fan. This area is prone to excessive moisture because of the constant heat during cooking. A suitable exhaust fan will eliminate unwanted kitchen smells and allow fresh air into the house.

Additionally, you can also have a range hood installed to keep food odours and smoke from spreading to the rest of the house when cooking. This will prevent your smoke alarm from being triggered often.

Another area that will benefit from having a suitable ventilation system is the bathroom. This area usually has a bad and stale smell that can spread to nearby areas if not properly ventilated. Installing proper ventilation can prevent excessive moisture, mildew and moulds from damaging the walls, metal doors and bathroom fixtures.

Mould and mildew, which can grow on the walls, can also cause various health issues. Some homeowners install bathroom fans to improve ventilation in the area and keep it fresh and odour free.

Diffusing the Heat in the Entire House

During hot summer months, homeowners can lessen their dependence on air conditioning systems by keeping the doors and windows open during certain hours. This allows fresh and clean air to circulate inside the home and keeps the house from smelling stuffy. Allow air in several times a day and switch on the A/C during the hottest times of the day for comfort. This can also help you lower your energy bills over the long term.

A better ventilation system will help reduce the island heat effect, which usually happens when a part of the home is warmer than the other areas. With a good ventilation system, indoor air is properly circulated, reducing heat in some areas and keeping the temperature consistent inside the home.

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