10-yearly Home Maintenance and Renovation Must-dos


Denver is an up and coming city, with house prices rising each year. It has a booming economy, attracting lots of firms and startups. Its sunny, pleasant weather makes many young people and families move there. Many homeowners in Denver are getting great value out of renting their houses out or reselling them. To ensure that your home is in good condition—whether you decide to put it up on the market or simply preserve its beauty and integrity for your own usage—it is important to carry out some long-term maintenance work.

Identifying underlying problems

The first step in solving any problem is to identify the problem to figure out the best course of action. Every ten years, you should do a thorough check to see whether there are any signs of serious damage. The most crucial part of the home that you should check is the foundations. They can be damaged by a number of factors such as plumbing issues, bad drainage, and poor soil quality.

The important signs that you need to look out for include hairline cracks and fissures, particularly if they are horizontal as they imply tougher problems. Other issues that may also indicate foundation problems are unevenness, gaps and cracks in doors and windows, and unusual dampness. If you spot any of these issues, you might need to do concrete foundation repair. In Denver, you can call a contractor or foundation repair company to help you evaluate the extent of the damage and take the next steps. You can even look for a government contracting company as such companies are reliable and trustworthy enough to be hired by the government.

Make a budget for repairs

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The median price of a Denver home is about 400,000 dollars. It is advisable to spend at least 10% of the cumulative house price each year on 10-yearly maintenance. You should do an analysis of the market value of your house, and then create a budget of how much you can and should spend. Following this, you should reach out to local construction and repair contractors to get quotes and estimates of how much it should cost to carry out the repairs you have previously identified.

Replace outdoor fixtures

Outdoor fixtures, including outdoor stairs or decks, need special attention every ten years or so. This is especially relevant if they are built out of wood, which is prone to weather damage, rot, getting dried out and brittle, or cracks. Watch out for any sag. Other outdoor components that are also exposed to the elements include roofing materials. Tiles are more prone to developing cracks, which can cause significant rainwater damage if not taken care of immediately. Concrete roofs, though longer-lasting, still need to be checked for cracks the same way the foundations do.

There are many other smaller fixes that should be carried out, such as replacing the HVAC system, conducting thorough checks of plumbing systems and electrical circuits, and replacing working components and indoor fixtures. Some of the issues outlined here are those that are the most important. You need to make sure to address these issues for a safe and sound home for you and your family.

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