5 Versatile Tools in Home Maintenance


A DIY project is believing that you can do repairs at home using the tools in your toolbox. However, your toolbox needs to include more than a hammer and nails. When you have a lot of maintenance tasks, it is better to purchase multi-purpose tools. These kinds of handy equipment are a cost-effective method that allows you to make repairs in different functions, from home maintenance to decorating. Here are some of the most versatile tools you need to have in your house:

Screwdriver Kit

A screwdriver is essential in almost every construction or maintenance task. The problem is you might have to buy a lot of screwdrivers for every kind. To save yourself the money and time, you should consider purchasing a screwdriver kit. A screwdriver set can help adjust your tool to different screws depending on their shapes and sizes. It is useful in repairs for your doors, wall lamps, cabinets, and other furniture. It is also helpful in fixing electronic devices. If a screwdriver set is costly, you can consider buying a six-in-one screwdriver instead.

Electric Drill

A drill can be the most useful tool you need in your toolbox. After all, it can also be used as a powerful driver. The drill’s primary function is to plot holes for your screws. You may also drill large holes to provide you with a path for electrical wires. An electric drill is also useful if you need to create an opening in your indoor walls. If you replace the drill with a screwdriver head, the tool will become a more powerful option over the screwdriver. If you want to build a treehouse, a cordless electric drill is your best tool.

Air Compressors

While it may be more of a machine than a tool, air compressors are a piece of useful equipment at home. Air compressors pressurize air, which will be helpful if you need to add air to car and bike tires. The air compressor can also be used for cleaning, paint-spraying, and home decoration. You should consider Gardner Denver air compressors for your home if you are looking for safe equipment to use.

Circular Saw

A handsaw is an appropriate tool for your home, but a power saw provides you with a more efficient alternative. If you need to cut huge chunks of wood for a construction project or a home repair task, you need a circular saw. However, you need to practice safety measures while using the power saw. Despite being only applicable to wooden material, a power saw will be one of the most multi-purpose equipment in your home. You can finish your work much faster compared to hand saws. If you need to cut wood in non-linear directions, your power saw will commit fewer mistakes than a hand-held saw.

Adjustable Pliers

construction tools on a wooden floor

Bolts, pipes, and nuts are a part of many appliances and devices that require maintenance. Instead of buying one set of pliers for each item, you can purchase adjustable ones instead. An adjustable plier will be helpful in a lot of tasks like plumbing, construction projects, and car repair. You should consider buying the 10-inch pliers to have the most versatile one in your toolbox.

If you are in charge of maintenance and repair in your house, you will need to have a trusty toolbox ready. However, you must prioritize multi-purpose tools to avoid traveling to the hardware store over.

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