A Guide in Keeping Your Living Room Clean


The living room is where most fun family moments happen. Unfortunately, it is also one of the dirtiest areas inside the house. You do almost everything inside the living room — eating, resting, watching TV, reading books, and sleeping. It is also where you relax after a tiring day at work or an exhausting soccer training session. If you leave your living room unchecked, you may end up with a filthy area at the centre of your house. To keep your living quarters clean, you need to keep these tasks in mind.

Dispose of Waste Daily

Never let waste in the living room stay overnight. Remove clutter and food waste daily to avoid attracting pests. You should also avoid letting your stuff sit on your coffee table. If you have items that are no longer useful or needed, consider throwing them away. It is also ideal for you to organise your personal belongings to free up as much space as you can. Without clutter and waste, your living room will be an attractive area for you to hang out with your family.

The Vacuum is Your Greatest Weapon

When eating on the sofa, you will end up with a lot of crumbs in areas you cannot reach. However, you can remove crumbs and bits with the help of a vacuum cleaner. You may believe that your living room is clean, but you will realise that there are a lot of tiny dust particles after one thorough sweep of a vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum is your best weapon against dirt inside the living room.

Prevent Dust Buildup

Furniture tends to accumulate dust over a long period. Spaces behind the television, hard-to-reach areas of bookshelves, and lighting are some of the places where you can easily find dust. The particles may cause allergic reactions to your family, which is why you should prevent dust from building up inside the living room. You can use a duster over surfaces to remove dust. A spotless living room is not only clean, but also healthy for your family.

Have the Carpet Cleaned by Professionals

Cleaning carpet hoover

Carpets are some of the most challenging materials to clean. Vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting will not eliminate all of the accumulated filth on the carpet. If you think that you can no longer maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, you should consider hire professionals that offer carpet cleaning services. It is also ideal for you to buy a new one, especially when your carpet reaches up to 10 years.

Disinfect Furniture

Food waste tends to leave stains. When you try to wipe them off, the waste will still provide you with a sticky surface. To avoid attracting cockroaches and ants, you must disinfect the surfaces occasionally. Use rubbing alcohol or soap to remove sticky spots from your furniture and appliances. You should also consider washing the couch if it has stains. When you take down your drapes and blinds, you should also clean them.

The living room is an essential part of your house. When you leave it unchecked, it will no longer be an ideal place for you to stay and relax. To encourage your family to bond, you must keep your living room clean and organised.

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