Brew Your Own Beer at Home and Save Money


If you are an avid fan of beer, you might want to consider brewing your own at home. Apart from saving big bucks, you can even come up with greater flavors according to your taste. You might even enjoy the entire brewing process.

While the price for commercial beers and hops has increased, there are many cost-effective ways you can get what you need. Here is a guide for you.

Buy in Bulk

Buying hops in bulk is one of the best ways to get them at cheaper rates. Suppliers usually give about 10 to 20% discount for every bulk purchase. Some stores even offer half of the cost for the next batch after you have purchased 50 pounds of pale malt. This requires about 12 rounds, so be ready with your containers. Although you can still find better deals that can give discounts when you buy hops per pound

If you do not need that much, you can opt for group buying. For sure, there are other people who are interested in taking advantage of these low rates.

Wash and Reuse Your Yeast

The biggest mistake many home brewers make is they dispose of the yeast after use. Liquid yeasts, particularly the high quality ones, as well as malt grains are some of the most expensive items you need when brewing beer. This is why you need to find better ways to consume them.

According to experts, reusing yeast for the next batch can actually help you come up with more quality taste and flavor. If properly maintained, you can even reserve it for several months.

Go for DIY Equipment

Brewery equipment can be expensive, so consider making your own. There are several online tutorials for this. They can even recommend the best materials for your equipment.

Use your creativity and resourcefulness. You can always explore and be more innovative with your methods. Some of the basic items you may need include containers, pumps, pipes and a chiller.

Switch to All Grain

Switching to all grain is another way to reduce costs. Basically, you can save about 30% or even more when you buy in bulk. Grains are cheaper than extract beers.

The best thing about it is you can achieve higher quality when using the right technique, such as utilizing higher hops with a full batch boil.  This, however, requires specific equipment. So if you are switching to all grain, it should be for the long term.

Mill Your Own Mat

beer tapOnce you have decided to go for all grain, you can make the most of it by milling your own mat. When buying from your source, choose raw grains, as they can last longer. You can even save a few bucks from milling fees.

In addition, do some research about the grains you are buying. Keep in mind that each may require specific grinding methods.

Brewing your own beer can be a good recreational activity. Today, many people treat it as a hobby, which also helps reduce costs on beer.

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