Protect Your Home Without Breaking the Bank: Tips to Reduce Insurance Premium Costs


Since your home is a primary source of comfort and shelter for you and your family, it would only be wise to invest in its security and safety. But you should also protect yourself from unexpected future occurrences wherein you may need to spend a hefty amount on repairing, renovating, or rebuilding it. One way to relieve yourself from the worries of such financial expenditures is to purchase home insurance.

Home insurance in Raleigh, or any area for that matter, covers losses and damages to a policyholder’s house in the event of flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters. It also provides liability coverage against incidents that may occur inside the home or within the property such as visitors being involved in a nasty fall. The homeowner’s insurance can cover that visitor’s medical bills and fees.

Many homeowners hesitate in investing in insurance because its premiums can be costly. Fortunately, there are measures you can do to reduce its price. Here are some things you can do to lower the cost of your home insurance premium:

  1. Increase your deductibles.

Deductibles are costs deducted to the claims you’ll receive when you file a claim. When you increase your deductibles, you eventually lower your intended monthly premium payments. But when you set a higher deductible amount, make sure you are comfortable to pay that amount out of your pocket anytime. After all, you don’t know when a natural disaster or accident within your property will happen.

  1. Minimize the risk in your home.

Your property’s propensity to risks, such as being in a flood-prone area or having no security measures installed such as Smart Locks or surveillance cameras, can affect the cost of homeowner’s insurance premium. If you want to reduce your monthly payment, you can purchase or install preventive measures that will not only reduce premium costs but also reinforce the security and safety of your home.

  1. Shop around and compare prices.

When looking for a homeowner’s insurance, it is important to compare the rates of at least three agencies and assess their coverage. This way, you can evaluate as to what policy works best for your needs and budget.

  1. Eliminate excessive coverage.

It doesn’t hurt to ask your chosen service provider for the coverage that your policy contains. Make sure not to pay extra for coverage that you don’t need. Some insurance policies have integrated other property coverage like auto insurance, which often cost more than a single homeowner’s insurance. It wouldn’t be practical to spend money for a combined home and auto policy if you already have a separate policy for your car.

  1. Get rid of abandoned structures.

Home insurance agent talking to a couple

Did you initially have a shed that is now considered a deserted part of your property? If you did, you must remove it before having your home assessed. Otherwise, it will likely add costs to the overall value of your policy, increasing your monthly premiums.

Insurances are a lot to take in. In fact, a survey done from depicted that around 50 percent of Americans don’t know how insurances work. It confuses a lot of people as to how it functions and how they can maximize the insurance’s use. If you are planning to buy home insurance, find service providers that are willing to guide you with the whole process. Just make sure you’re dealing with reputable insurance agencies that will secure your home and your future.

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