Car Mods: Easy Upgrades for the First-Timer


The day that you purchase your very first car is a start to a new chapter, and one of the highlights of your life. Getting your new car gives you a sense of freedom and helps you create your image for the people to remember you. Car modification is one of the factors that can help you enhance this image.

For those who are new to the idea of modifying their own car, it might be surprising to know that some enhancement can lead you to do something that is not permitted by the law. But it is best to keep in mind that different areas have different laws when it comes to car modifications. In North Charleston, South Carolina, for example, they enacted the car window tinting law in 1992. This law states how dark or reflective car tints are allowed in the state.

Some car modifications that are permitted by law in different states include:

Suspension upgrades

As long as you stay within your state’s height adjustment, then a suspension upgrade is legal. In fact, when it is done right, it can even upgrade your car’s performance, and your car will be able to handle it even better. It doesn’t matter if you use your car for racing or if you just want your car ride to always be enjoyable, the right suspension system on your car is definitely worth the investment.

Window tinting

Some states in the country have very strict laws when it comes to car window tinting. Some restrict tints that are reflective and those make it impossible to see inside the car. But for those who would really want to apply tints on their car window, most states allow light tint. Tint, however, is measured on the amount of light that can be transmitted into the car. The different percentages define the amount of light that is allowed to get through the car’s glass. The higher the percentage, the lighter the tint. The lower the percentage, the tint is darker. The legal percentage would vary depending on the state, and the different windows of a car.

Sounds and noises

In some states like South Carolina, they require vehicles to be equipped with a good working muffler that is in constant operation in order to prevent excessive noise. Also, a muffler cutout, bypass or anything similar to it is not allowed along the highway. The engine and power mechanism of cars should be properly equipped to prevent fumes and smoke.


Classic cars in a row

While some states ban high-intensity headlights, they also require the headlights, brake lights, taillights, and turn signals to have a certain color and intensity of light. Underglow lights, for example, are considered illegal because they are distracting. Also, not all light bulbs are allowed by the law. There are certain bulbs that are approved by the Department of Transportation, which emits the proper intensity that is needed. For this, you may find the packaging of the bulb marked with an indication that it is approved by the law.

Your car is the reflection of who you really are, your personality and own taste. That is why it won’t be a surprise if you would want to add some modifications and accessories based on your own preference to personalize it and make it stand out. However, it is still important to make yourself knowledgeable about the different laws and regulations on the state where you live, and also the states around you.

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