Managing the Most Annoying Pests in Your Property


In any industry, pests are considered a nuisance. They are any kind of animal or plant that could cause harm to other living organisms such as humans and human structures. Pests can also cause damage to agriculture by feeding on crops and bring parasites to livestock. Any animal can be considered a pest if it causes damage to a wild ecosystem or if they carry disease-causing pathogens that can harm human habitat. Good thing, a pest infestation can be managed accordingly to prevent further harm through pest control.

Not all animals are pests, though. A species can be a pest in one part of the world, while it can be beneficial in another. An example of this is the rabbits that were introduced to Australia. They were brought there for food and hunting. But, they went on being unchecked and had a population explosion causing ecological damage.

Kinds of Pests

In places like Utah, pests and other disease-harboring organisms can get out of hand. But, it can be managed by pest control experts in Salt Lake City and other neighborhoods to prevent further damage in an industry or home. A sunny day can mean that a lot of insects are active and lurking at your doorstep. Here are some common pests that can help you identify and control immediately:

  • Rodents

They can enter houses and establishments through small holes and can leave droppings that may be harmful to humans and pets. They can carry long term diseases and damage property. They target homes that leave leftovers in the trash. Rodents are also notorious in the food processing industry. They have poor eyesight, but they’re most active at night. Controlling it may be difficult because they avoid new objects like traps and baits. Contact a pest control professional immediately once you see a rat or droppings.

  • Beetles

They are known to damage crops and food in the pantry, but they can also damage clothing and structure — specifically wood. Red flour beetles, for example, feed on grains or flour. It is usually found at homes feeding on stored grain in the pantry.

  • Ants

Ants pest inside of home

Ants live in colonies and it is difficult to control a large number if you are doing it yourself. Carpenter ants are common in Utah and they can damage structures because it nests on wood. They eat protein and sugar, so don’t leave food waste outside the house.

  • Bed bugs

It is attracted to body heat and can leave unwanted bite marks on the skin. They don’t spread disease, but they can cause itching that may lead to a secondary skin infection. Some people can have an allergic reaction to several bites. Better contact pest control if signs of bed bug infestation are observed.

  • Wasps

Yellowjackets and hornets live in mass at hives. Their sting can be painful and uncomfortable. It may not cause a serious allergic reaction, but getting stung a lot of times by a hive full of wasps is horrifying. Wasps can be found on roof eaves and branches, while yellowjackets nest underground.

Pests can be managed to lessen the danger in your home or at any commercial establishment. Control of harmful pest should be done professionally because they use a scientific approach to properly take care of specific pests for good.

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