Waiting for the Pandemic to End? You Can Start These Businesses Right Now


Many aspiring entrepreneurs are waiting for the pandemic to end before starting their businesses. However, in the process, they are losing profits by not starting right now. There are some businesses right now that can be created with minimal risk. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to go digital as everyone else does. Some of these businesses are traditional, which means you can cater to walk-in customers.

Experts believe that the pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon, and even if it does end, there is a huge chance that¬†we will be living the same way we are living right now: with face masks and social distancing procedures. So does this mean that every business has to go digital? Will we ever see retail stores ever again?

The reality is that businesses will continue to grow regardless of their model. Sure, some industries have taken a big hit compared to others, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t recover. Additionally, some traditional businesses can be started right now. For instance, companies that are dedicated to the cleaning industry.

Cleaning Services

The commercial cleaning industry was worth $47 billion in 2018 and earned revenues up to $61 billion in 2019. This shows that this industry had already been booming even before the pandemic hit the country, and that’s just the commercial sector. Added with the residential sector, the industry can be worth $100 billion to $200 billion. Additionally, with disinfection and cleaning services more critical than ever, the industry is growing rapidly.

The best part of it all is that starting a cleaning company doesn’t cost that much. Many business owners have started their businesses with less than $20,000 in the bank. The reason for this is that many can start cleaning services with only a handful of employees. Some may even start with only the owner.

It’s a versatile traditional business that has been tested by time. So if you’re looking for another essential business during the pandemic, then look no further. The food industry is the answer.

The Food Industry

Food is essential to us. It is our fuel as human beings. However, it’s not easy to procure food during a pandemic, and many people dislike cooking even if they are just at home. This is why billions of people have looked into food delivery services.

If you’re looking to start a food business but don’t start, you should consider franchising. In this case, A food franchise that specializes in drive-thru might be the best choice for you if you don’t know anything about the industry. Franchises like these can have good returns, but this depends on the brand of your franchise. It’s also a great business model considering that there are no dine-ins during the pandemic.

If you take care of your drive-thru franchise, it will take care of you back. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about supplies, equipment, and menus. The franchise has that covered. All you have to do is provide a robust team and good management, and you’re good to go.

Handmade Products

man doing DIY work

People are starting to see the strengths of a handmade product. This is why millions of people are turning their hobbies into businesses during the pandemic.

The great thing about handmade products is that they both sell well in the retail and digital markets. So regardless of the platform, you can get sales easily. But as a starting entrepreneur, we suggest that you start selling your products on platforms such as Etsy to get a feel of the industry and its environment.

It is a highly competitive industry, but niches dominate it. Those niches are your main sources of income, and if you make quality enough products, people will keep coming back to you. This is what makes handmade products such a robust business model regardless of today’s current circumstances.

Delivery and Errand Services

The delivery and errand services market is growing because of how online shopping works nowadays. This is one of the best businesses to start right now because you can run your first business alone.

Your first company in this market only requires you to have a van and sign up as a courier for many e-commerce sites out there. From there, you pick up packages and deliver them to various locations. It’s as simple as that!

Currently, this particular industry is expected to break the $100 billion mark after this year because of Amazon’s dedication to hiring independent contractors for their Amazon Prime program. Of course, the best part of it all is that Amazon is giving away the vans to their partners, cutting a decent chunk of your starting overhead cost.

These businesses are just some of the post-pandemic businesses you can start right now. These are great options for someone who wants to start a business right now. These are stable industries with good market growth, so there is a good chance that you can ride each of their growing waves to success.

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