Mid and Post-pandemic Business Ideas to Help You Get Back on Your Feet


As the final quarter of 2021 draws near, almost everyone is starting to go back to their old lives, hopeful that they could get back what they lost over the past two years.

The Covid-19 pandemic was not only a global health crisis but also an economic catastrophe. Millions of companies worldwide were brought down. Entrepreneurs and small businesses were gravely affected.  But as the world moves on towards a new normal, opportunities for economic resurgence also arise.

Here is a list of mid and post-pandemic business ideas that can help you get back on your feet.


Many governments around the world are still advising their citizens to stay indoors as much as possible. Families with infants, senior citizens, and immunocompromised individuals also prefer to stay at home. And some people just got used to the lifestyle the global quarantine brought and are opting to stay comfortably inside their houses. This leaves you an obvious commercial opportunity.

Online food delivery will be one of the industries with the largest increase in market growth, with an estimate of $104 billion by 2023. Getting in this industry mid-pandemic will be constantly profitable whether you choose to go with franchising or establish your own independent delivery service business.

The comfort and convenience that delivery services bring are kinds of temptations that Americans cannot easily turn their backs on. The same goes for errand services. Getting people to buy groceries and get your medications for you brings a level of ease that can be addictive. By capitalizing on this, you will be able to earn what the pandemic cost you.


One of the biggest changes the world faced over the past two years was the sudden shift of education from physical classes to online learning. It started rocky due to the pace the teachers had to adapt and the unpreparedness of the education system for something this big. But as the months progressed, more and more people are starting to see the many benefits of online education.

This is another industry that you can dive into. There are many angles that you can try to maximize the opportunity. You can create a startup online ESL company. You can start small with just less than five people offering English classes to students of non-English speaking countries. This is easily profitable since the rate of native speakers is quite high compared to local teachers in their nations. Another reason is the fact that the demand will keep on increasing as globalization moves forward.

But teaching online isn’t just exclusive to languages. You can also cater to self-improvement needs, such as online personal training and virtual workout classes. Skills improvement is also possible. The problem of most schools is teachers who aren’t that technologically advanced. You can create templates and modules that can help them improve their online teaching skills. This can be very profitable, especially if you focus on techniques to help teachers be more engaging with kids in preschool and primary levels. If you have the capital, you can even go bigger and look for preschool franchising opportunities.

cleaning spots


The ongoing pandemic will be burnt through the minds of the people for years to come. The cause of the rapid spread and its consequences will not be forgotten easily. However, this unfortunate reminder can be a chance for you to get back your financial losses.

Private homes, commercial buildings, corporate offices, and even government infrastructures need constant cleaning and disinfection. Almost every building and house in the world require constant cleaning and disinfection nowadays. With an average of $100 for a standard cleaning service of one bedroom and a bathroom, the profit can skyrocket if you add “premium” services like power washing and disinfection.

Going for a medicine-centered business is also advisable. It doesn’t require you to study pharmaceutics. You don’t need to be a doctor to do this as well. Focus on other basic medical needs. An online delivery service for medicine is an innovative approach. You can also focus on the food supplement industry and emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure, after all.


The pandemic has brought extreme social and physical restrictions to a world that has become more socially connected than ever. This resulted in the world going more digital than ever before.

Social media usage is at its highest. Almost everyone ages 5 to 55 is online for more than half of their waking time. Use this to your advantage.

Digital marketing services have never been more in demand. And since more and more people are starting to build their own businesses, the need for branding and marketing is also at an all-time high. You can start small by investing in just a small group of people that can be outsourced by small and midsize companies.

There are many aspects to choose from. If you’re more comfortable writing and content creation, then content marketing, SEO, and copywriting could be your team’s focus. You can also hire uni students in financial need of support and pursue web development. If you’re more of a social media diva yourself, then social media management is the right path for you.

The pandemic has already taken so much. Do not let it take your drive as well. With dedication, proper planning, and the right people, this could be the perfect time for you to build your commercial dynasty.

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