Earning Passive Income While Working 9 to 5


There are plenty of other income streams you can look into to supplement the salary you gain from working your 9 to 5 job. Finding one that works for you can be beneficial for your financial health.

Here are a few ways to make passive income:

Online Courses

There are plenty of individuals who want to learn new skills this year. This means that when you create and sell an online course dedicated to mastering this skill, your content will be accessible to a wide range of prospects. You can either publish your courses on a third-party site or host them on your own professional website. The amount of passive income you make will be dependent on how much audience you gain.

Mobile Applications

Programmers and developers may earn passive income through app development. There are multiple ways to monetize your apps, such as directly selling them to a client, adding paywalled content, working with in-app advertisements, or offering membership and premium benefits.

If you don’t intend to create your own, you can install plenty of mobile apps to earn money passively, too. Some will provide you cash in exchange for performing simple tasks like watching videos. Others assist you with investing and receiving dividends after a certain time period. You can even earn cashback as passive income when you link your debit or credit accounts and pay for items you purchase online.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Running your own blog is a cost-effective way to make more money. Instead of pouring in heaps of cash, you will be investing your time and efforts. You usually start with conducting intensive research on an industry or niche you’re interested in, like the promotional product industry. Then, you can advertise relevant products on your blog and even insert sponsored posts, deals, and courses.

Keep in mind, though, that establishing a popular blog may take some time. To be successful, you’ll need to organically gain a following through social media, an emailing list, and other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Still, once you’ve grown your blog enough, you can join affiliate programs and get commissions without spending on advertising.

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Stock Images

Photography is both an active and passive income stream. While it’s common to see photographers take photos for big events or announcements, they may also schedule shoots specifically for stock photography. These photos of models and sets can be sold to magazines and websites that host an array of stock images.

While the pros have years of experience, it’s never too late to get started. Enroll in a photography course of your choice to learn the basics and continue practicing as you go. To start, you can take high-quality photos of certain products and try selling them to e-commerce sites.

Decluttering and Offering Space

Take a thorough look at your possessions and assess whether they bring value to your life. You may realize that some things you consider clutter could actually be profitable when you resell them online. In most cases, getting rid of boxes and piles of unused items frees up a room that you can put up for rent.

Having extra space is an incredible asset you can maximize for passive gains. Post ads of your extra storage space online for customers in the area. Depending on your preference, you can even offer them up for functional use by converting them into a small office area. Follow the same concept for parking spaces and unused garages.

Renting Out Tools and Equipment

When you declutter, you may find valuable possessions like household tools that you want to keep but don’t necessarily use that often. Gather together your tents, power tools, lawnmowers, and other heavy equipment that are used for short-term projects. List down every single item in your inventory and lend them out for a day, weekend, or week for a fee.

This approach often involves learning about the current demands for each item. Barbecue grills, along with outdoor chairs and tables, for example, will be more highly sought after in the summer. On the other hand, shovels, snowblowers, and roof rakes are popular items during the winter.

Making Passive Income

Having a secondary source of earnings can help provide for your wants and needs that you couldn’t otherwise obtain by simply working your job. Don’t worry about not having enough time to manage both. You can work on having one or more of these passive income streams anytime you’re free.

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