What’s in the Box?: Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses


During the pandemic, a lot of businesses closed shop. There are people who lost their jobs and looked at the problem of where the next day’s food will come from. Some—or perhaps most—of these people who lost their jobs thought it might come from a small business set-up during the lockdown.

There are many profitable businesses to start, for sure. A popular choice would be food businesses, given that many people cannot go out of their homes during the pandemic. Gifts would also never go out of style, so a gift that’s wrapped in a box from a personalized gift box or packaging shop is a good idea. There are a lot of other ideas for businesses, but most of them would require attention-grabbing packaging.

That’s what we’re here for–discussing ideas on the packaging that wouldn’t break the bank. Take a look at some creative packaging ideas that would get the attention of your clientele without being too pricey.

Custom-Made Labels for your Boxes

If you’re designing labels, it’s better if you have fun with the experience. Remember that cute little package you ordered from that online store or the custom wrapping you received from that corner shop? If you’re in an online business, you can very well do that too.

If you want to do this for your business, then be prepared to shell out a bit of money. It’s not too much that you won’t make any profit anymore, but it’s not small either. It’s just right, though, if you remember that branding will help you gain more customers for your business.

That branding is made better if people remember you for your customized packages. Imagine seeing your customers using your boxes to store their things in.

Packages That Have Your Name on The

When you’re packaging your product, don’t forget to let the word out about your business! Brands are everything and even if you’re a small business, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spare a little money for branding.

You don’t even have to shell out a lot of money, either. Simplicity is the name of the game, even if your small enterprise is already making a good profit. Something as simple as a small label on the box or package or a sticker can already make your customers remember your name.

Labels can also come in all forms and sizes. If you don’t have the money for a sticker yet, why not try using customized stamps? These are good too in spreading the word about your service or your product.

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Creative Gift-Wrapping as a Sales Pitch

Inspiration strikes you at a random moment, but that doesn’t mean you should just let it pass. If you have a business, use those random spikes of inspiration to create packaging ideas and use them in your business.

Nothing leaves a mark on your customer’s minds quite like creative packaging. Imagine people knowing what you offer or your products just from the packaging alone. Think of your products or services as a sort of ‘gift’ to your market. If you’d love to connect with your market, this is the way.

It’s also a way of making them feel special. If you’re a consumer yourself as well, you know just how it is when a product or service makes you feel special.

Be a Friend to the Environment

Just because you’re using packaging, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think of making it into a multi-use box. There’s enough waste to go around already that you shouldn’t let your packaging add to the mix.

If you can, you should try to use recyclable materials or boxes that are made from them. If you’re using stickers, look to try out brown paper that is made from recycled materials. You can also try out using stamps—these are more economical and friendly to the environment as well.

You should look to create packaging that is safe for the environment as well as affordable, so you can add those savings to your business’ budget.

Be Unique

Going into business means you could be going up into a market that’s already saturated with competing products. Even if it’s not, there’s a chance that someone else will come up with a product that’s similar to yours.

Try to be unique and think that way as well. For instance, don’t stick to just one rule: try to create ways where your packaging can grab your customer’s attention. It’s all about making them remember you.

The key to winning your market’s attention is to leave a strong first impression. Always consider this when designing your packaging and creating an attention-grabbing product.

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