Here Are the 6 Dirtiest Places Inside Your Home


Sometimes, no matter how hard we clean our house, there is still dirt and dust lying around. For meticulous housewives, it is not easy for them to keep their homes spotless and germ-free. They invest time, energy, and a lot of cleaning aids to keep their homes immaculately clean.

A study conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation said that there are always unseen grimes left unattended inside homes. They add that even clean ones are still a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

This may be why the commercial and residential cleaning franchise business is booming. A good number of homeowners —even those who live in condos— would rather have professionals come in and clean their carpets and windows really well than do it themselves. The same goes for commercial establishments and offices. It’s better to let the pros handle the job than risk having the place become a breeding ground for pests, molds, and bacteria.

Based on expert recommendations, here are the hard-to-clean-places to keep an eye out for.

The Kitchen

Contrary to what most people believe, the kitchen and not the bathroom is considered the dirtiest room in our house. There are several reasons why kitchens are the dirtiest part—from the number of dirty dishes that pile up, the hand towels that are either soiled or unwashed to the unwiped countertops, kitchen sinks, cutting boards, etc.

There are also unwashed dish sponges and rags that may be contaminated with coliform bacteria.

Make sure that our sinks, faucets, fridges, and counters are washed and disinfected correctly. Sponges should be changed at least once every few weeks.

Home Office or Work Area

The office or work area is where people usually spend a lot of time during the day. Workers normally touch things like keyboards and personal computers, pens, cellphones, and other small items like remote controls or keys. These objects are considered germ magnets because people touch them, and they are generally shared with others, making it easy to pass on germs.

To really make sure they’re clean, it is best to regularly wipe them with disinfectant to eliminate germs, bacteria, and even viruses. Make sure that you use the right products to clean them. Of course, frequent hand washing or using hand sanitizer after handling personal items also helps.

The Family, Play, or Living Room

Living Room

Like the work area, the family room or living room holds plenty of items shared and handled by multiple users. Think of the remote control, the video game controllers, and other electronics that can be the source of bacteria’s transference.

Most often than not, the carpet or the flooring is also neglected when the house is cleaned. Expert cleaners say this is the most susceptible to germs and bacteria and needs to be cleaned regularly.

It is recommended to take your shoes off first before walking in to avoid dirtying the carpet.

Pet Area

The biggest tracker and source of bacteria inside homes are pets. Their food bowls ranked third in our house’s dirtiest items. This object, together with their toys and towels, can accumulate coliform and molds.

Remember to wash their toys and water bowls regularly, especially when the pets play with the children, to avoid transference of germs.


They say that to gauge a house’s cleanliness, do not look at the living rooms, but check the bathroom instead. The bathrooms are the repository of every single person’s day of grime and dirt.

Bathrooms also accumulate moisture because of all the showers and baths people take. Interestingly, one of the dirtiest items at home is your toothbrush, which houses coliform bacteria in its bristles. The bathroom handles and faucets are also prone to dirt since it is the first thing people touch to clean their hands.

Laundry Area

Like the bathroom, the laundry area accumulates moisture, which is susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. Washing the clothes and leaving them be is the primary source of mold build-up. To avoid this, rewash all the clothes left in the laundry and disinfect the washing machine regularly.

These are just the top six places in our houses that are prone to be the dirtiest. Homeowners need to regularly clean, disinfect, and sanitize them to keep everyone healthy.

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