How a Serviced Office Can Benefit Your Startup Business


Many small businesses and startup companies initially find it challenging to run operations because of costly overhead expenses. One solution that can make things easier for starting entrepreneurs is to rent space at a serviced office.

This is a much smaller space, usually just a room located within an office building, which is shared by several companies. There is a common pantry, conference room or boardroom, front desk, reception or receiving area and more. Many new businesses choose this kind of office space because of the many benefits that come with it.

Here are some reasons renting a serviced office space is one of the best moves you can make now for your company.

Readily Available

One of the major advantages of serviced offices is that they are move-in ready. These offices are fully furnished and equipped with everything that will help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Setting up traditional offices can be overwhelming because of the many considerations that need attention.

With a serviced office, there is less hassle in setting up, and you can start or resume operations sooner rather than later. Serviced offices have ready telephone and internet services you can use. Some also have desks and computers already included in the package while others will give you bare space and you can just bring your own equipment.

The added services are in IT, office cleaning, front desk and concierge services, fax and even paper shredding services. The monthly rent is determined depending on the size or space you want and if you need any special requirements.

Short-Term Lease

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Serviced offices usually come with short-term lease contracts. This allows business owners to renew or end their contracts easily, whether they wish to stay longer or transfer to another location. Rather than having a makeshift office in your garage or basement, your startup can rent a small office for more credibility.

It also allows you to have a business address in a corporate area without spending a fortune on it. This makes meeting with clients or potential investors more convenient, too. Once your business grows, you can opt to rent a bigger space or move to a different office of your own.

Pay Per Use

A serviced office has no hidden charges or costs. Everything is detailed in the contract. There is a transparent monthly invoice so you can clearly see what you are being billed for. There are also conference rooms or training rooms that you can rent as needed. You can book the conference room for an hour or two if you are entertaining clients or important suppliers. The training rooms, on the other hand, can be booked for longer hours or several days. This is ideal for BPOs or call centre startups, which need to train dozens of people at the same time. The training room is already equipped with audiovisual equipment and comfortable seats for the trainees.

Any business that needs office space can benefit from serviced offices. They can provide basic support services, along with all these advantages too. In most cases, serviced offices share reception services, secretarial services and IT support with other lessees. This is a great option for small business owners who do not want to employ additional staff for these operations.

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