The Top 3 Advantages of Acquiring a Franchise


Lots of people would want to have their own business. Unfortunately, not everyone has the experience on how to run a business, much less how to start one. If you are one of these people, the most viable solution is for you to acquire a franchise. And one of the most successful startup businesses is a phone repair franchise.

Unlike in the past years, buying a brand new phone or computer is now a secondary option. For many people, having their phone fixed or buying a much cheaper pre-owned computer is very economical not to mention, environment-friendly. Plus, you get to offer not only repair services; buying, selling, and trading pre-owned electronic devices are a very hot deal.

Suffice to say; you don’t have to get enough experience to start a new business. Get to know how franchising can help start your career in managing a business:

Known Brand Name

One of the top benefits of acquiring a franchise is having a brand name that is already known in the market. Thus, you don’t need a lot of marketing tools to promote your business. Once people saw your billboard outside the store, they could easily identify a trusted name.

For first time entrepreneurs who opted to have their own business, this is the same problem that you need to resolve – does your product and/or service offers a better alternative? The same question you have to find an answer – can your business be trusted? With a brand name trusted in years, you don’t have to worry about proving yourself.

Proven Management Process

The problem with starting a new business is that the policies and rules may often change to adjust with the needs of the business and of course, of the clients. By acquiring a franchise, not only you get their brand name, but you will also be trained on how they were able to keep their business running smoothly. It’s like having a business management crash course mentored by a business partner with a proven track record.

FRANCHISE Marketing Branding Retail and Business Work Mission ConceptFrom the long-standing business concepts and operating model to the established operating policies and procedures among other standards, these rules are there from the start to help guide you in running the business. With all these kinds of support for any startup businesses, it greatly lowers the risk of failure.

Different Forms of Assistance

Getting into franchising can also help you understand and know the different processes you need to undergo when you start a new business. One such perk is getting to know the right forms to fill and where to file when applying for the necessary business permits among other requirements.

Another advantage is in terms of applying for financing and business loans. Yes, getting into franchising helps you stand out among other loan applicants mainly because you have the backing of a known business entity. Indeed, many franchisors offer assistance in securing financing, making the application a lot faster and easier for the franchisees.

Understand this – when you are on your own, you cannot get these kinds of perks as a startup company. There could be some disadvantages on your end, but it gets outweigh greatly by its many advantages and benefits. Plus, you get to learn two essential things: how to start a new business and get a great experience on how to successfully run it.

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