Important Tools to Have in Your Truck at All Times


Being a long-haul truck driver can be quite challenging. Not only do you have to spend periods away from home and your family, but you will have to do so alone while working unholy hours. All you have on the road is you, your truck, and your cargo, and you will come into contact with little else until the end of your journey.

Because of this, you will have to be incredibly well-prepared and self-reliant on the road. If something goes wrong, you could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere and wait for hours before help can come your way. Thus, drivers of trucks and semis should avoid such problems as much as possible, and know full well what to do should these problems occur.

In order to be prepared for any kind of scenario on the road, drivers will need to have a set of essential tools on hand at all times. Here are some must-haves for a truck driver while on the road:

Spare batteries

Having your truck battery die while in the middle of the road is something no one wants to deal with. Hence, it is best to be prepared for such instances by having spare batteries in your truck at all times. You can store these in a semi-truck battery box. You would also be smart to have some jumper cables on hand as well to get your truck working again as soon as possible.

Flat repair kits

You’ll be encountering all kinds of roads as a long-haul truck driver, and some may be dirt roads that have little to no paving. These can easily cause a flat tire.

Hence, it is always best to have a flat repair kit on hand. These consist of air pumps, tire plugs, and tools to remove any foreign objects that managed to damage your tire. Of course, having spare tires is a good option as well, if not one that takes up more space.

First-aid and medicines kit

first aid kit

You never know when accidents are going to happen. Should you become injured or fall ill in the middle of your journey, it is important to have some first-aid supplies and medicines to patch you up and keep you able to continue your drive. This is especially helpful if you cover routes that traverse lands in the middle of nowhere and far from civilization. Hence, it is best always to have a temporary fix handy to make sure you can make it to the nearest hospital or clinic in case you need more comprehensive treatment.

Fire extinguishers

Although some may think it only happens in movies, do not rule out the possibility of your truck catching fire. Even the smallest sparks can spell big trouble for your truck and for yourself.

This is why it is important to always have a fire extinguisher within reach in case of emergencies. Make sure that your fire extinguisher is easy to access, as any time wasted can result in a larger fire that becomes harder to put out.

Gas can

Everybody slips up and forgets things once in a while, and that includes when it is time to gas up. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, unable to move because your truck ran out of gas. Hence, it is always handy to keep a filled gas can just in case. This will save you a lot of panic and worry for those moments when things just slip your mind.

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