Making Marketing Work for Construction Companies


Construction and marketing are not two words that typically go together. Marketing typically evokes images of flashy advertisements and carefully curated campaigns designed to appeal to as many people as possible, while construction — with its industrial building products and grey concrete materials — could hardly be further from this.

However, hiring a marketing agency could be more beneficial to construction companies than many may think. In this modern age where buildings continue to pop up one after another and rise ever higher, the demand for construction services is booming. Thus, construction companies have to stand out and differentiate themselves in the best way possible in order to secure those highly prized contracts.

A large part of doing this involves investing in marketing efforts. After all, marketing — beyond the advertisements that have become synonymous with the industry — is first and foremost concerned with selling a company’s products or services in order to make a profit. To do this, the company must be trusted and looked upon positively by the market. Hence, it is no surprise that marketing agencies exist to help companies do precisely these things, and are so invaluable to a company.

Here are some essential aspects of marketing that construction companies would do well to invest in:

A niche market

In an industry with such diverse needs as construction, it would be difficult for a company to cater to all kinds of projects without compromising quality in any of them. Hence, it is best to focus on a niche or target market. For example, a company may choose to specialize in constructing office buildings, as compared to houses or schools. This allows the company to specifically target a certain segment of the market and fully appeal to the needs of that segment. This, in turn, will greatly help the company in deciding their marketing strategies and plans.

Good words from others

Influencers, word-of-mouth, and company reputation still play a large role in whether or not a company gets a contract. Hence, it is important that a company’s marketing efforts are geared toward developing a good image, not only among potential customers but among other industry players as well.

Industry connections, which are tough to get without a good standing, is also a must when working in construction. Given that the actual construction process involves multiple players — from the suppliers of raw materials and equipment to the actual commissioner of the project — a lot of work gets done through referrals, and it would be tough to succeed as an island.

Online presence and customer interaction

having online presence

It is tough to succeed in business if nobody knows that you exist. With people turning to the Internet anytime they need information, an online presence — in the form of a website and social media — is absolutely crucial to any company’s marketing efforts. Not only this, but the website must be well-designed and easy to use, as this will portray a professional image to the market, as well as encourage their conversion into customers.

At the same time, another significant aspect of having an online presence is the need to interact with potential customers. For example, if they have inquiries regarding products and orders, a quick response would be encouraging to them. Customer interaction also allows the name of the company to be spread even faster, and cultivate relationships with those who do take the time to search you out.

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