Two-in-one Business Solutions You Don’t Know You Might Need


Businesses today utilize numerous online solutions to help improve specific aspects of their operations. Moreover, many occupations that did not exist before the dawn of the digital era are growing in number and in demand. Multiple services are also being sought after to help with accomplishing particular tasks.

However, with multitudes of solutions, professionals, and services, it can be quite confusing to determine which to employ in your business. There are ways, though, to get two benefits from one service provider or online tool. If you want to have time and costs by killing two birds with one stone, scroll down and figure out for yourself how you can maximize several corporate solutions.

Social Media Manager + Content Creator

In this smartphone-centered age, social media has become a powerful marketing tool. Many companies are hiring social media managers and content creators to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites effectively. However, why not employ a professional with both management and production skills so you don’t have to try filling two job posts?

A social media manager is responsible for administering marketing and advertising strategies using social media platforms, particularly in areas that include content management, generation of web traffic, conversion of leads to sales, and goal setting. On the other hand, content creators are experts who are tasked with producing content and information that is suited for a specific target audience. They contribute to web designs, blog posts, social media copies, e-mail newsletters, and even graphic images.

If you hire an individual who is able to create content while also managing different platforms, your business can benefit from two valuable skills sets. You will also be able to boost productivity and focus on coordinating with one employee instead of two.

Mail + Print Services

Direct mail is a form of a highly effective advertising tactic. It’s quite a labor-intensive task, though, because the advertising materials needed to be created, printed, and mailed to each of your customers and prospects. However, by availing of mail and print services, you can simplify the process. A company in this line of industry can handle both the job. All you have to do is give certain instructions or fill out the necessary forms, send your design or soft copies of the materials, submit the mailing list, and the rest will be taken care of.

Typically, a direct mail and print company provides services such as printing, tabbing for cards, leaflets, and brochures, and delivering the printed items to the post office so they can reach the intended recipients.

Blog + Web Store

checking out a website

Blogging is a good way to boost business visibility and engage your audience. A web store, on the other hand, is an e-commerce website in which you can sell your products and services. Instead of creating and managing two different platforms, you can integrate your store with your blog. Most commonly, products like software programs, video tutorials, music, and eBooks are sold in web stores. If you provide shipping, you can also sell physical goods such as apparel, bags, and shoes. As for services, you can offer photo editing, online coaching, web design and development, and copywriting.

To create a blog-and-web-store site, you can add buttons for purchasing or product widgets, link your blog to an e-commerce software in which your visitor will be redirected, or use a subdomain for your online store and embed it to the blog.

Maximizing productivity by saving both costs and time can also enhance the profitability of your business. Explore different options that provide more than just one service in order to be more effective in improving your business operations.

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