Three Entrepreneurial Mindset Shifts to Turn Your Fear into Motivation


It’s normal to feel afraid when starting a business. In fact, you have every right to be scared. There are lots of risks surrounding new ventures. There are established brands way ahead of you. There’s always the possibility of your idea not taking off or hitting the right spot on the market.

But, fear is an emotion that can be turned into a positive force — that is, motivation. Instead of being paralyzed by it, let your fear fuel you to reach greater heights for your endeavor. Here are the mindset shifts you need to accomplish just that.

The new comfort is discomfort.

Think of all the uncertainties that make you scared in this season in your life. The possibility of running out of money? The risk of trying something new? The need to trust your gut? Jot them down. Once you got them all laid down, embrace them. If there’s a way to experience them, go do it.

For instance, if you’re afraid to lose all your savings, commit to a lot more financial sacrifices. If you’re uneasy pursuing an opportunity outside your expertise, dedicate time in learning more about it. If your gut tells you to go forward with starting a sandwich shop, do it.

The more that you spend time being uncomfortable, the more you'll get used to it. Over time, it won’t feel uncomfortable anymore because either you experienced wins, got through it successfully or picked up a few insights along the way, making it less overwhelming than it was. 

Failures are not all about me.

Failures are the number one source of fear of new entrepreneurs. And it’s not really a mystery why. You dream big, work hard, and sacrifice a lot for the venture, and in the end, you don’t succeed? Of course, that’s going to sting.

It doesn’t help either that losing feels like a reflection of yourself. You think you’re incompetent. You feel like you’re no good. You basically consider yourself a failure. But here’s where the mindset change should happen: failures are not all about you.

Sometimes, they’re just a matter of bad timing. Or wrong people around you. Or simply a case of the business not meant for you. If you put away that perspective of failure defining you, it will be far easier to jumpstart things. In fact, it should compel you to pursue things all the more, because there’s really nothing to lose, right?

Team of entrepreneurs working together

There are things I can never control.

All too often, your fears come from those that you don’t have a hand or say whatsoever. Like how the market will receive your brand or how profitable your venture will be in the next months. If you think about it, getting anxious over these things is a bit pointless. It just drains your energy and leaves you restless, sleepless, and with no peace of mind.

So, rather than wasting your energy on things you can’t control, pour your efforts on those that are within your capability and power. Roll out market studies and surveys to estimate how your audience would perceive your business. Do a thorough financial analysis to predict your returns. Re-channel that anxiety energy into productivity energy.

It’s scary to start something new, especially if that’s a business. But there’s always a way to turn fear into something meaningful, productive, and beneficial. Find that.

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