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Self-doubt is natural for those starting a small business. Not everyone can become a successful entrepreneur. You look at the people who have made a name for themselves from scratch, and you wonder what kind of passion, dedication, luck, and tenacity they have to achieve that level of success. The good thing is that scientists believe that we can train our brains to be the kind of person we want to be.

Even if you just want to run a tried-and-tested recruitment agency franchise, for example, you need entrepreneurial skills to make it in the industry. A phenomenon called neuroplasticity, where the brain is thought of as malleable plastic that can be “rewired” in the processing of information, allows new neural pathways to be created and old ones to be eliminated. Every time a person learns a new habit or idea, a new pathway is created. The more this pathway is used, the firmer it becomes. At the same time, the less it is used, the more it is forgotten.

This only means that you have the power to train your brain — these pathways are submissive to your actions. Training your brain with mental exercises will help create new neurons that will eventually prepare it for new knowledge and skills.

Do Brain-training Games

You need to train and exercise your memory while still having fun. Apps such as Lumosity, Dakim, Clevermind, Fit Brains Trainer, Brain Fitness, Brain Metrix, and Eidetic are popular on the iOS Store and the Android Play Store. You can download any of these games for some mental exercises that you can do every day.

Focus on Your Goals

There are more than 60,000 thoughts and ideas in your mind every day. It is often easy to succumb to these ideas, but it also means limiting yourself. You need to be aware of the thoughts that are not in line with your goals. You need to learn how to identify ideas that do not contribute to reaching the goals you set out for yourself. Once you’ve identified these thoughts, you need to replace them with ones that are aligned to your goals. You need to do this every day. The more you do this process, the easier it will become.

Surround Yourself with Reinforcement

You need to remind yourself of your goals. If your behavior will become second nature to you, it’s important to put up reminders so that you don’t divert from your goals. If you are aware of dream boards, start doing one now. The idea is to put together images that are associated with the dreams you want to achieve. This will serve as a constant reinforcement of these dreams. Subconsciously, your mind will be trained to think about these dreams even without the presence of the dream board.

Rest and Sleep

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It won’t be easier to train your brain with enough rest and sleep, but what a well-rested mind can do is to allow you to make more permanent changes. The simple act of getting enough sleep and meditating can do your brain good. You can think straighter and clearer. You can clearly see which paths to follow to your goals.

When it comes to training your brain, the key is consistency. Once you find the right techniques that will work for you, keep working on them, and you’ll find out eventually that your brain is thinking the way you want it to. Every time you fall and have a hard time getting back up, remember that science is on your side.

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