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Disasters like hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tornados, and floods are horrifying surprises. They do not only result in physical damages; they also cause emotional turmoil among affected homeowners. People in Miami who suffer from property losses and damages are consumed with despair that they need the help of public adjusters to act on their behalf.

Making rational decisions is crucial after your property was destroyed or damaged because it will determine the amount and date of release of your claim cheque. The sooner you get it, the quicker you can get back to your healthy life. If you are filing a claim for disasters such as hurricanes or tornados, you should expect that the process will take longer. These types of disasters affect a large group of homeowners, and your insurance company has not enough people in the team to handle all claims at once. Here are some pointers for settling your insurance claim:

1. Request an advance against the final insurance claim.

Safety hazards will sometimes force you to evacuate your house, and you might not have the time to bring clothes or toiletries. Or these essentials might have been ravaged by fire or completely lost in a tremendous flood. Don’t worry. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of your immediate expenses like your hotel, clothes, laundry, gas, and food. Call your insurer immediately so one of their staff can hand you a check.

With advance claims, you can get back on your feet while waiting for the full insurance coverage. But remember not to go overboard and keep your receipts. The advance amount will be deducted from your total insurance claim. When you consider your finances, it will be wiser to stay in a friend’s or a family member’s home than in a hotel. Some insurance companies will pay your hosts a reimbursement for the additional expenses during your stay, so ask them to make a list itemizing all the additional costs.

2. List all lost items, secure proof of loss and file a claim right away

house on fire

Enumerating all the things that you’ve lost is daunting and time-consuming. You need the help of everyone in the house while doing the inventory. Create the inventory as soon as possible so that you won’t forget anything when you file the claim. Your list of lost possessions should be supported with proper documentation. You should include item descriptions, their locations, and available receipts. Keep the damaged items, and never throw anything away. It is easier for you to prove your claim if the adjuster sees the damaged items.

3. Hire a public adjuster

Processing an insurance claim is as demanding as your full-time job. It involves a lot of legwork, tremendous paperwork, confusing insurance jargon, and endless negotiations. If you don’t have the time and emotional endurance to do challenging tasks such as listing, describing and valuing lost items, meeting with company adjusters, and being present during series of inspections, a public adjuster will save you from this physically challenging and emotionally draining job.

It’s devastating to lose your home and prized possessions. By following these pointers, you are saving yourself from the additional burden of processing a fair claim settlement.

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