How to Make Your Shop Display More Eye-Catching


Are you finding it hard to attract more customers with your current retail display? We human beings are easily affected by our senses, which is why sensory marketing is such an effective tool for many retailers. However, the sense of sight accounts for the majority of the information we process every day. That said, it makes sense for stores to use visuals to influence their customers’ decisions and behavior.

It sounds very scientific, but it all boils down to how you present your store to customers visually. Here are some strategies that you can try:

1. Incorporate art

There are many supply shops for shops in Australia and other countries where you can get basically anything that you need for your store. However, don’t just stick to the usual displays that everybody else is getting. Try incorporating art into your products, or vice versa. It can be as simple as creating a story with your mannequins (complete with a backdrop and props) or as complicated as setting up a whole art installation in your shop windows.

2. Encourage customers to try your products

A significant advantage that brick-and-mortar stores have over online shops is the ability to let customers see and feel their products before they buy them. Encouraging customers to touch and try your products is not only a great way to reduce returns, but it can also be an excellent tactic to get them to purchase.

3. Put plants in the store

Whether real or fake, plants are attractive to the eye and can make any space seem brighter and pleasant. Of course, real plants have the advantage of actually increasing the indoor air quality of the store. If you can’t commit to taking care of the plants, get low-maintenance ones, or get fake ones for the meantime.

4. Educate people about your products

Have you ever been in a store that had all sorts of informative posters about their products? You’ve probably stopped to read them once or twice, haven’t you? Incorporating educational displays in your store is another great way to connect with your customers. More importantly, it’s an effective strategy to get them to look.

5. Shop for secondhand materials

Decorating your store doesn’t have to be expensive. Visit your local secondhand or antique store and see if you can get inexpensive pieces that you can upcycle. If your store can do well with a shabby chic or vintage vibe, that’s much better.

6. Play with text

Another excellent way to catch a customer’s eye is to put text on your walls. It can be a joke, a witty statement, a relevant quote, or a simple statement that resonates with your store’s theme. With attractive typography, text can draw in more customers to take a look.

7. Keep it simple

Gelato store with different flavors

In visual merchandising, less is more. Keep your displays minimalist by using simple designs and refraining from adding too many items. In most cases, customers will even perceive the display as more valuable compared to displays that are cramped and overcrowded.

These are just some of the effective strategies to make your store the best one on the block. Work with professionals and a reputable shop supplier to ensure that your store is fully equipped.

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