Best Burgers in the U.S., According to Food Critics


There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a bite of a juicy burger cooked by a top chef. When meat cravings hit, people start searching for a new burger restaurant franchise that they haven’t tried yet. There are countless burger spots around the country, and it can be challenging to rate which is the best based on different parameters.

So, here’s a short list of some of the best tasting burgers across the U.S., according to some top food critics.

The Emmy Burger at Pizza Loves Emily in Brooklyn, New York

Bloomberg Pursuits’ food editor, Kate Krader, claims that this burger is made with monumental filling that you wouldn’t mind making a mess when eating it. According to her, the Emmy Burger is strict as is and the chef highly discourages substitution or modification on this item. It’s made with a dry-aged beef patty, piled high with well-aged cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and Korean chili sauce. This is sandwiched between pretzel buns to give diners a chewy and salty burger experience.

The Chiliburger at Chronis’ Famous Sandwich Shop in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Times’ ex-restaurant critic is a big fan of the Chiliburger at this sandwich shop. He has a weird description of the burger, which is basically made with a robustly grilled chili spicy meat with yellow mustard, piled with lettuce and ripe tomatoes. The writer claims that the Chiliburger at Chronis’ is an “LA thing” since the 1920s and Chronis’ is an Eastside institution that has been serving great sandwiches since 1945.

The Cheeseburger at Au Cheval in Chicago, Illinois

This gigantic sandwich is modestly listed as “Cheeseburger” in the restaurant menu. It simply consists of two thin patties, some cheese and pickles plus some tangy sauces that come together to haunt diners’ memories years after they’ve tried it. The editor-in-chief of The Infatuation and Zagat is clearly reminded of the texture of the said sandwich and says she loved how it was served, stabbed from the top with a huge steak knife.

The Party Melt Burger at Better Luck Tomorrow in Houston, Texas

For Food and Wine’s editor, the Party Melt Burger created by Chef Justin Yu is the best in the whole of Houston. It’s an award-winning burger that mainly consists of beef patty, topped with crispy broiled cheddar cheese, thinly sliced red onions and caramelized onions. The patty is made from loosely ground beef cooked in tallow, and you’ll notice that the homemade bread is made with parmesan cheese.

The Double Tavern Burger at Little Jack’s Tavern in Charleston, South Carolina


Last on the list but definitely not the least is the simple creation of Chef John Amato. The sandwich is made with a four-ounce mix of chuck and brisket beef patty, American cheese and tavern sauce, all in a sesame bun. Bon Appetit’s editor claims that he can pick it up with one hand and finish it off in four bites.

If you have a passion for burgers and would love to open your own business, seriously look into opening a burger franchise. It’s a great opportunity to do something you love and earn well in the process. There’s no shortage of burger lovers in America, and if your burgers are really good, they will come knocking!

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