Beyond Passion: Top Traits a Restaurant Manager Should Possess


Restaurant managers have a challenging task at hand. This kind of business is fast-paced, hectic, and requires utmost composure when dealing with everything at once. Those who intend to run a restaurant franchise should consider the ups and downs of the business industry. There will be long working hours, constant interaction with customers, kitchen and serving staff to manage, a hectic atmosphere, and problems with suppliers.

Being a restaurant manager calls for a special skill set, personality, characteristics and qualities. Check this short list to see if you have what it takes.

Physical Stamina

Restaurants have long working hours. They open early in the morning, and workers need to stay way past closing hours to prepare everything for the next day. This can take a toll on one’s body and mind. An effective manager should have the stamina to work on his feet for a long period and be able to balance several demanding tasks. Restaurant managers will not sit still while everyone else is busy complying with various customer orders and demands.

Positive Attitude

One of the most important qualities for restaurant managers is having a positive and upbeat attitude. Their attitude will set the tone for employee behavior and will impact customer satisfaction in terms of food quality and service. Restaurant managers should love what they do and be passionate about delicious food and customer service; otherwise, running a restaurant will never come easy.

Stability and Consistency

In the food industry, the scene constantly changes and no two days are the same. Restaurant managers should stay consistent and grounded. They must execute steady communication and expectation setting to encourage loyalty and retention from the staff.

Problem Solving Skills

Although unintentional, there are certain days in the restaurant when there are operational glitches. Restaurant managers are expected to provide quick solutions and fast thinking skills whatever kind of situation arises. Whether it is handling dissatisfied or irate customers, inventory shortage, kitchen accidents, delayed deliveries, restaurant managers should handle emergencies with grace and poise.

Customer Service Savvy

A restaurant manager will face all types of customers. Some customers are appreciative and understanding while others can be unpredictable and demanding. Restaurants have instances where customers have various dietary restrictions and wish for meals that are adjusted to their diets. There are last-minute group reservations and late diners who order a few minutes before closing. A great leader will handle all these situations and make decisions with customer satisfaction in mind.


Smooth restaurant management is all about proper planning. Restaurant managers must know how to organize everything from inventory, marketing campaign, menu updates and seasonal staffing requirements.


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Apart from being proactive, managers running restaurants should also learn to listen to new ideas and suggestions on how they can improve their operations. There are emerging trends that might work for the business, such as smaller portion serving and sourcing out local ingredients. There is also new technology that may help improve customer experience, which managers can look into for the restaurant business to thrive and be competitive.

A successful restaurant leader is someone who can demonstrate various management skills. If you are an entrepreneur planning to become a restaurant owner and manager, these qualities are the must-haves to succeed in your franchise venture.

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