Does Your Office Observe Cleanliness Rules?


The cleanliness of an office influences many different things at work. For one, it affects the moods of the people who are working for you. Productivity can suffer and dip, and your bottom line can get affected. For many employees, there’s nothing more depressing than an office space that lacks proper maintenance. It can easily affect potential customers as well. Here are the best ways to make sure your office stays clean.

Enforce order

If your office is dirty, part of the problem is the people themselves. If you’ve been too lax concerning cleanliness rules, then you should start to implement them properly. You don’t have to be draconian when it comes to cleanliness measures. Something as simple as a clean desk policy that should be followed at the end of the day or even just a clean as you go kind of thing in the pantry goes a long way towards keeping the office clean. Lead by example as well. You can even give incentives to push the initiative forward.

Set up a system

Sometimes, the reason why offices get dirty is that there aren’t enough bins around. Invest in those types of bins that are large enough to accommodate trash. It also helps to set up a system of cleaners such as hiring walk behind sweepers weekly to be responsible for the overall clean up of your office at the end of the day, whether it is in Sydney or New York. You can even introduce a volunteer system to give your people a sense of pride in keeping their own office spaces clean.

Hire cleaners

Cleaning service at office

If the dirt is far too much for a small team to handle, then you need to hire professional cleaners to make sure the cleaning is very thorough. They’re the ones who can get the job done and make sure all the edges and corners of your office receive an adequate amount of cleaning. They can also get into the nooks and crannies that would otherwise be inaccessible to you and your team. It’s an added expense, but it’s worth it. After all, it’s a job that only the pros can handle.

Offer clean options

Office cleanliness has to be holistic. You can’t just clean the physical spaces of your office and expect it to last. It should be something ingrained and brought to your workers as well. You do this by offering soap for a good and thorough wash in the office. It also helps to offer them alcohol or even sanitary wipes to set a great trend towards cleanliness. The simple act of doing these things will set an example for people to follow through to maintain cleanliness throughout the office.

The cleanliness of your office reflects the character of your business. If it isn’t up to standards, then your bottom line can suffer badly. It will affect how you run your business.If you can make sure that your company has enough supplies to maintain your office’s cleanliness, you can be sure that your office remains presentable not just to your employees, but to your clients as well.

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