Top-Earning Service-Oriented Businesses Or Industries You Can Explore


If you’re thinking of establishing a business or transition to a different niche in the service sector, you’re not alone. In fact, research has shown that the population of independent and service-oriented business owners makes up over 34% of the total United States workforce — making it an opportunistic and profitable sector anyone can explore.

Whether you’re proactively searching for a self-directed way of earning a living or want to help people in general, these businesses are a great source of inspiration to get you started.

Food Catering Services

If you love food and have the skills to deliver delicious dishes, starting a food catering service business is a great way to earn a decent amount of money. Plus, you don’t need expensive premises to run a catering business. All you need are a couple of standard cooking materials like pots, pans, an oven, and a high-quality fluid dispensing nozzle to fill up pastries and other foods on the menu, streamlining the process. Individuals and businesses are always willing to pay for quality caters and good food, making this a profitable niche to explore.

Property Maintenance

There will always be high demand for individuals willing to pay for someone else to do laborious work around the home, whether it’s cleaning the gutters or repairing chimneys. Although the hourly pay for property maintenance isn’t the highest, thanks to its low overhead costs and increasingly high demand, property maintenance can be a lucrative sector to explore.

Repairing Gadgets

If you have a good understanding of technology and how it works, setting up a technology repair business can give you decent money and high customer demands, especially in today’s gadget-dependent world. Repairing different individuals’ gadgets usually pays well, without much overhead, proving to be a profitable business venture.

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Business Consulting Services

Many business owners are willing to invest in helpful consultants that can help them achieve their goals and maintain success — and in most cases, they’re more than willing to pay hefty amounts for the right advice. Pair this initiative with relatively low overhead. You get a profitable business and a rewarding experience. However, efficient business consultants need good business insight and knowledge, so unless you’ve handled a business before, this may not be for you.

Mobile Hairdressing

Although you can’t straight away charge a fortune for cutting a person’s hair, diving into mobile hairdressing is a great way to earn money on the side as demand for this service will always be afloat. Moreover, other than a quality pair of scissors, hair dye, and skills and patience, running a mobile hairdressing business is relatively low cost — making it a profitable business to run.

Cleaning Services

If you have the skills to clean spaces efficiently and quickly, why not start a cleaning service business? This business has relatively low overhead, little training required, and security — after all, many people like to have their properties cleaned. In fact, this niche rakes in over $46 billion annually in America alone.

Tutor Online

If you’re a college student who wants to earn big bucks while at school or have mastered certain educational subjects, it’s best to bring your talent online and help others while making a decent amount of money. Whether you’re a math genius or a native Japanese speaker, offering your tutorial services online is a great way to dive into the service industry at low expenses.

If you’re considering starting a service-oriented business but fear failing — explore any of the niches mentioned to guarantee massive profit and success long-term.

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