What It’s Like to Create Winning Product Pages for Your Business


Running an online business isn’t just about putting up a website and expecting it to work as a sales machine right away. You need to make sure that every element or page serves its purpose. You can start tweaking your home page or blogs, but another good strategy focuses on improving product pages.

Product pages aren’t only about showcasing your products—they can also help build a good relationship with customers. On these pages, you can give them more reasons to trust your brand. In one compelling copy or a collection of high-quality images, you can turn a simple visitor into a loyal customer.

Here are some strategies you can adopt to create product pages that help nurture customer loyalty:

Write an engaging product copy

A winning product page is a good mix of different web elements. While the design and aesthetics give your brand an edge, a well-placed, engaging, and informative copy plays a huge part in influencing buying decisions. Below are a few proven and tested tips to boost the effectiveness of your product copy.

  • Create a punchy tagline and short page description above the fold to capture visitors’ interest the moment they land on the product page
  • Choose an appropriate style of writing and be consistent with it throughout the copy.
  • Focus more on the product’s functional aspect rather than cliché marketing elements. Always answer the potential customer’s question, “What’s in it for me?”
  • Inspire readers through compelling techniques such as storytelling. They should relate to the copy and easily think of themselves as viable users of the product.

Use white space to your advantage


In brick-and-mortar shops, sellers don’t stuff a bunch of items in slatwall display units, right? They are likely to put their products in an organized manner, highlighting certain products, promos, and bundles. The same goes for your online shop. You don’t want to cram everything on a single web page. This is where white space in web design comes in.

White space allows you to separate different elements, such as photos, calls-to-action, and copies, from one another. This leads to a more disciplined layout of a product page, helping your visitors focus on things, features, and stories that matter and guiding them throughout a more refined sales funnel.

Post realistic product images

Often, online merchants take their creative freedom to a dangerous extent that they airbrush the product image and boost its size in pursuit to persuade customers. But when the customer receives the product, and it surprisingly appears otherwise, the online merchant’s effort will likely go down the drain. Unsatisfied consumers won’t only lose trust in brands but also tarnish brand reputation with one negative review.

Showing your product’s actual dimensions (or at least giving the right size or scale) is one key to building a trusting relationship with your customers. So, make sure you publish realistic product images on your product pages to set the right expectations and get your relationship with customers off to a great start.

With great product pages, you can entice visitors to make smart purchase decisions. And if you can deliver what you promise, these buyers can turn into customers who will stay loyal to your brand.

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