Top Power Drill Bits Every DIYer Should Have


Every household should have a toolbox with enough materials to repair and rebuild stuff. For more complex Do-It-Yourself projects, heavier tools must also be used, such as power drills. A power drill’s primary function is to make round holes on solid surfaces, so you can insert hooks in it and hang photos and artworks on your walls.

An important part of a power drill is the bit, which is the rotating object that makes the hole on surfaces. Different bits are used for certain surfaces, including glass, wood, and metal. The bits are replaceable, so you can insert other high-performance core drill bits when necessary.

There are different types of bits that serve a specific function, and as a DIY-er, it’s essential to know about them.

Twist Bits

This is the most widely used drill bit type. It has a sharp point and a spiraling rod. Twist bits are versatile, being able to drill holes on wood, plastic, steel, and concrete. They are affordable and available in a wide range of sizes. This type is ideal for use on metal, but it also works well on other surfaces mentioned, as long as the bit is sharp enough.

Twist bits can have two, three, or four spiral flutes running along its length. All flutes have a specific diameter for a purpose. Two-flute drills are used for primary drilling. Three- or four-flute drills, meanwhile, are for enlarging cast or punched holes only.

Core Bits

These are used to remove a core. It has a hollow center similar to a hole saw, but while the latter is used to create large holes, the core bit is used to cut an existing hole and remove a core sample. It’s also used to make holes without leaving material behind.

Diamond core bits are becoming a popular option. A diamond core bit or diamond drill bit is a better tool to make holes on non-wood surfaces such as ceramic, glass, porcelain, stone, marble, granite, concrete, and asphalt. The diamond powder contained in this drill bit adds to its power. Diamond drill bits can be twisted or cylindrical, and are ideal for drilling holes in the bathroom where tiles are the typical wall material. It can be manufactured wet or dry, and the wet bit must be used with water or coolants to be lubricated whenoperating on extremely tough surfaces.

Universal Bit

Construction worker holding a drill

Also known as the all-purpose drill bit, this type has been getting the hype. With a universal drill bit, all drilling tasks can be done without the need to change bits. All types of surfaces can be drilled with this bit and apart from breaking or shattering the material, universal drill bits also help in getting rid of shavings and chips from materials. Universal bits can have diamond round edges for use on ceramics and other multi-layered surfaces.

Owning one or all of these drill bits can help DIY builders create more simple projects on various surfaces. With different bits or a universal bit, you can now hang art pieces or photos in any area of your home or office.

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